Some of my projects ...

Please be patient with my as I try to get this blog exactly how I would like it to look.
I am still waiting for the best header and color combination I can make/find.
Things will likely be changed up a bit in this process.
Please visit my Stampin' Up! blog at:

A New Name ...

I've decided to change the name of my blog.

For a long time, Scrappindad's Scribbles has seemed a little too juvenile for me. I've been tossing things around for a long time. I've always kind of liked the sound of the alliteration (words starting with the same letter) so I struggled finding things that sounded right and conveyed the message of what I do.

So I finally came up with "Stamps and Scraps ... {by Scrappindad}" for a new title.

I will be working on a new blog header image over the next little bit now that I have the new name. I'm not very good at that kind of stuff, so it will probably take me a while to come up with something that looks good. Anyone better than me at this stuff want to volunteer to make one for me???

I'm still not entirely sure if I'm completely happy with the blog background right now. That may change again too - then again, it might not.

Thanks for the support while I make changes around here!


my5bratz 2:47 AM  

the new title sounds fab..I know what you mean about the getting the background etc right...i've started yet another blog

Magoo 4:34 PM  

This is exciting!! I can't tell you how many times I've changed mine....going to change it again soon :) If you need any help at all I would love to help you out~this is something I'm having lots of fun with:)