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Valentine Swap Cards

... so it's been a while since I've posted here huh? I'm kind of a loser in the whole "regular blogging" thing - it just doesn't happen. Sorry to anyone who actually checks to see if I ever update.

Anyway ... here are two cards I made a couple of weeks ago for a Valentine swap I was in. I just had to get around to taking and posting the pictures. I had to make 8 cards for the swap so I made 4 each of 2 different designs.

Both cards use a rather nontraditional color scheme for being Valentine's cards. The pattern paper on both of them is from Chatterbox (back in the good ol' days when their paper was good).

This first card was created just because I recently got the Happily Ever cartridge and wanted to make a card with the absolutely adorable owl that is on the cartridge. So I created the card base in Design Studio by using the shadow feature and welding two of them together. Then I sized the two layers in Design Studio as well to make sure everything fit well together. (Does anyone else hate the eyelashes on this owl?? They ripped on me every time!) The sentiment was just created in Microsoft Word using the WordArt tool. I used 3 different fonts on this one and can't tell you what their names are. The hearts in the word "HOOT" are colored in with Crystal Stickles (but you can't see it in the picture).

This card was completely inspired by chocolate and was the reason for the nontraditional color schemes. I wanted to do something that was going to be a little unusual and this card was the first of the 2 designs. When I saw these papers, I was immediately inspired to do something based around Valentine chocolates for my cards. I love the rich browns and creams that all came together so well. The felt heart was cut out with a Cuttlebug die, the scalloped edge on the light brown was done with a rotary blade, and the scallops on the pattern paper were done with a Martha Stewart punch. The sentiment on the inside was also created in MS Word using the WordArt tool. I also used stickles on these hearts (although you still can't tell).

I created PDFs of the sentiments I made for the insides of both cards. You are welcome to download them and use them for your own projects. All I ask is that you acknowldege where you received them and then let me know if you post the project somewhere so I can see it.

"You're a Hoot"'re a Hoot.pdf

"Love and Chocolate" and chocolatae.pdf


Carol 11:42 PM  

VERY NICE!!! Love the pattern paper you used on this owl and the sentiment looks perfect... overall it all came together rather nicely... great job!!! TFS!

loopylou 11:55 AM  

what great cards Jason,they are both gorgeous,tfs... and yes we check if you update so get posting!!!! lol !!!!!

BugABoo13 12:38 PM  

Jason, I love all of your creations! I have seen you on the Cricut mb and this is the first time I've visited your blog. I hope you don't mind, I will most likely link your blog to mine. :)

The Memory Keeper 1:58 PM  

Your owl card is so cute Jason! And I'm going to have to steal the falling in chocolate sent! TFS!

Ruelysi 5:26 PM  

Great cards Jason, love the fact you designed an owl card, have a cut file now onver on my blog!
TFS your creative talent with us all.
Rue X

Sharon Caudle 9:01 PM  

Awesome cards Jason! Love that owl and your sentiments are fantastic!!! Love them!

jandokan 3:01 PM  

WOW what a COOL card... I love it:)

a lot of Dutch hugs, Anja
Be smart, make art.

candnv 11:30 AM  

Love your work.

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