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Mexico City

For about a week now I've known there was a possibility that I might get to go on a business trip to Mexico City, Mexico in November. Today I found out that it's all pretty well been approved. So as long as plans continue as they currently are, I'll be going to Mexico. I'm rather excited that I'll have the opportunity to leave the country. I've been to Canada before but somehow that just doesn't seem as foreign to me as Mexico does.

I've done a little reading that has kind of scared me a bit but I'm sure everything will be okay. Unfortunately, it is a working trip and there won't be much of an opportunity for touring or sight-seeing. I may get to stay one extra day to be able to see the sights. My wife and I are also looking into the possibility of her coming along with me. Since it is a working trip, I won't get to spend a lot of time with her but it's still a perfect opportunity for a little getaway for us. My job will be paying for my flight, hotel, and food. So for my wife, we'd have to pay for her flight, food, sightseeing and shopping. That could still get quite expensive!

This is not a trip I would normally be going on as a normal function of my job. I'm going to assist a friend and coworker and to be able to learn more about what he does and how it's done. It's more of a training trip for me than anything. I'm not only excited about the location but also to be able to learn new things.

The purpose of the trip is to be involved in the rededication of the Mexico City temple. Originally dedicated in 1983, it has undergone some remodeling and will need to be rededicated. Here are a couple of pictures of the temple:

Here are just some general shots I found of Mexico City that I thought were pretty:


Jenny 12:35 PM  

I went with my husband on a job to Mexico City and it was AMAZING! I also was a little bit nervous but it turned out so GREAT! The food is not expensive but it is really good. We didn't even get sick!!! And then to re-dedicate the temple...what an opportunity! Good luck! I am giving away some blog candy on my blog, come check it out.