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A Male Birthday Card

I really enjoy making cards but I often struggle with making cards that are meant for men. With the scrapbooking industry being inundated with products such as flowers, buttons, ribbon, glitter, and flourishy things, it can get hard to keep a project looking masculine.

So after looking for a good design I incorporated some ideas I found into one and came up with the following card for my best friend's birthday.

So tell me what you think. Did I keep it masculine enough?

(A list of products used is available if desired)


tomiannie 9:56 PM  

I think it looks great! Very fun, but still masculine.

AMKs_mom 10:55 AM  

I have nominated you for the brilliant blog award. Please check out my blog for information about the award and to add the award to your blog.
I have nominated your blog because your blog sharess your love of papercrafting and your wonderful ideas and projects.

New Scrapper 9:09 AM  

I just stumbled upon your blog and I am so happy I did! I really like this card. Your friend will love it. I agree that it can be a challenge to create crafts for men. Good thing we have you to show us the way!

tomiannie 10:12 AM  

Hey, I nominated you for the brilliant blog award too!

Joana 12:03 PM  

Looks gorgeous , well done

Kenny 3:12 PM  

Um...January may want to write that date down. No sense in letting those cards go to waste, I say! :)

okie_ladybug 10:33 PM  

For Christmas I want at least half your talent!!

Sharon Caudle 6:51 AM  

Masucline cards are sooo hard for me! This one is fantastic! GREAT card for a guy!

Carol 8:10 PM  

Just found your blog recently and i came across this card while blogging and not only does it look good, i love how you use the $ studio g stamps! (I am an active collector of both clear and wooden ones! and i think they are a great value for wha they cost :))- really like the way this card turned out!