Some of my projects ...

Please be patient with my as I try to get this blog exactly how I would like it to look.
I am still waiting for the best header and color combination I can make/find.
Things will likely be changed up a bit in this process.
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The Love of my life ...

Yesterday was my 8th anniversary. I took the day off of work and spent the day hanging out and doing various things with my family. (Thus the reason this wasn't posted yesterday)

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to show the world the love of my life.

She is far more than I could ever deserve and I count myself so very lucky that she is my eternal companion and my best friend.


Phyllisa 1:28 PM  

Happy Anniversary and Congratulations! We're so happy for the two of you!

Kenny 3:10 PM  

Happy anniversary, my friend!

LiveLaughScrap 9:20 AM  

Happy Anniversary & Congratulations. You have a beautiful family.

Robyn 9:07 PM  

Jason, she is truly beautiful!! You are one lucky man!! Happy Anniversary!!