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The Housing Market

Well, things have been busy since I got down here. I spent most of my first two weeks getting settled in and looking for homes in the evenings. Unfortunately, we are moving to a more expensive housing market. Finding a home in an area I was comfortable with and then finding a home I was comfortable with became quite challenging.

Work is going along well but it is quite busy right now. My supervisor is leaving the country in about 2 or 3 weeks and will be gone for about a month. We have a lot of training that needs to be done before she leaves but she already has so many projects that need to be done before she leaves, I just feel like I'm taking up more of her time and adding to how much has to be done.

Anyway, we're working through that. It'll work out.

Well, I was able to find us a house to live in. Unfortunately, it's a little bit further away than we had hoped but I think it will be just find. It's about 20 to 30 miles from downtown Salt Lake but it shouldn't be too bad. There is an excellent transportation system that I should be able to use.
Anyway, it's a wonderful deal!!

The house sits on a half acre of land. The first quarter acre is cultivated and has a VERY well maintained yard. The second half is a field with trees. My wife is absolutely ecstatic about finally being able to put a garden in part of this space. The house sits across the street from a small cemetary. At first I didn't like this idea much but then I got to thinking that it means we will never have neighbors across the street. It's an old cemetary that is already full so there won't be funerals happening there that we will have to worry about. It's a four bedroom two bathroom house with two family rooms. It was built in 1966. The entire house has just had brand new carpeting installed, brand new linoleum in the kitchen and bathrooms, fresh paint in and out of the whole house. There is a beautiful deck that spans the whole back of the house (it needs a new coat of stain - but that's no biggie). The backyard has a HUGE storage shed and a small basketball court. There is a living room and a family room that are about the same size - big. There is a large master bedroom (unfortunately, without a master bath) and a large bedroom on the upper floor. The bottom floor has the second family room and another bathroom and two more bedrooms.

So here's the plan: we will be putting our two kids in the one room on the top floor with their clothes and essential room stuff. We will be putting a nice sitting area in the family room on the top floor. We will be putting our tv and other entertainment stuff in the family room downstairs. We will be putting the office/scrapbook space in one of the rooms downstairs. The other room will be a playroom for the kids so we don't have to keep their toys in the room they're sharing. The kitchen right now doesn't have a dishwasher and there is only an evaportive cooler in the roof for cooling. We have asked them to give us an enough of an allowance to put in a dishwasher and a central air cooling system. They accepted that and the rest of our offer - we are ecstatic. Now we just have to get our other house to sell.

Our realtors selling our house did a search today in our area with the same paremeters as our house. There were 40!!! We're hoping and praying that someone will be led to our house and be ready to buy it soon.

I can't get the pics to load here (what's up with that??) so here is a link to view them. Just click on the word link.



Things are moving along...

I'm going to try to be more regular with writing here now. Now that I have a job where I actually have my own office, desk and computer that I work at everyday it may just be easier to do.

So yesterday was my first day of work. I can't tell you how excited I am!! Everyone around here has been so nice and friendly. My coworker and I get along so well and I have so much to learn from her. Yesterday was kind of a boring day - mostly just orientation. It finished much earlier than they had planned so I had time to come up to my office and get things situated and organized the way I wanted them. I have a totally cool computer with a 19" LCD monitor sitting on top of a brand new DVD player and right next to a brand new 19" flat screen LCD TV. I'm not trying to brag at all but I was totally excited! I plan to take some pics soon of the office if they'll let me.

I was able to get some projects done before I left to decorate my office with that I want to get posted sometime soon too.

The only major problem right now is that I miss my family. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." Heck yeah, it does! I knew I loved my wife and children but I didn't realize just how much I would miss seeing them everyday. I can't go home until next weekend - it might just kill me! I'm trying to find things to do to stay busy either with work or some other things so I don't just sit around and miss my family (quick and easy way to get depressed again).

Today I've actually started working on some projects. Unfortunately, I can't do much to practice my stenography skills because the machines and software they ordered for me won't be here for two weeks. So, I'm doing other stuff. My in-depth training will probably start tomorrow. My supervisor has a lot of projects she's trying to get finished up before she starts training me.

Anyway, thanks for indulging me. This is just the most official and professional job I think I've ever had and I am just so excited!!


Some major changes in my future

I can't believe it's been almost four months since I wrote here last. Oh well, life goes on and is sometimes more important than writing in my blog. Although, I probably should have been documenting the events of the past four months somewhere. Oh well, moving on.

So here's a quick run-down. I got the depression and anxiety under control with some very good meds. Fortunately, we didn't have to go through a lengthy process of findind the best meds. The first ones I got really seemed to do the trick and keep me under control. So things quickly started getting better for me emotionally and mentally. I was still out of work and still not yet feeling comfortable with the idea of going back although I had put out some applications. School started going much better and I returned to the positive, excited attitude I had about it when I started instead of hating it and wanting to find something else. It's a good thing that I did stick with it because that leads into what is now going on in our lives.

At the end of April (while I was still sorting out my emotional state) I got an email from a friend of mine. She does the closed captioning for the LDS Church. When I decided I wanted to look into this as a career, I met her and spent a day with her kind of seeing what she does and what is involved. She and I have kept in touch over the past year and a half, and I have depended on her during some of my schooling. Well, she started asking me how school was going, what speeds I was typing at, how I felt about it, if there was anyway I could finish the program doing a distance ed kind of thing or some other way, etc. The Church had a position open for a closed captioning specialist and had had it posted for over a month. They hadn't had much success with their applicants. Six of the seven had no experience at all on the stenography machine that is also used for captioning and the one who did was running a lucrative business in St. George and didn't want to relocate. The problem they are having is that any captioner working in the business would not give up the money they are making to go to work for the Church, which unfortunately, doesn't pay anything close to actual business world salaries.

So my friend started looking into the options of using me - a student who didn't quite meet all of the requirements they were looking for but was moving along well in school. It took many, many meetings and for a while it wasn't looking too positive. Then on the day that I was told I didn't get a job that I was sure I would get, I got a call from the Salt Lake people telling me that they wanted me to come down for an in-person interview. The interview went very well as far as I was concerned and I really enjoyed the whole opportunity. Unfortunately, things still moved rather slowly with many, many more meetings involved. This whole thing went clear up to the top of the HR departments in the Church headquarters for approval.

Well, on Wednesday, June 28, after two months of waiting they finally called and made an offer for the job. I was so relieved! There are quite a few contingencies placed upon me and some very strict time requirements in place in which I have to meet their requirements. But, they were impressed with me and felt like I had the potential to become what they need.

So, I'm moving to Salt Lake!!!! And to make this a little more clear to anyone reading this - this is exactly what we would hope for in our lives. After meeting with Church's captioner a while ago, I decided that when I was done with school I wanted to try for a job there. To have this come along so soon for us is a Godsend! We will finally be making enough money to keep my wife home with the kids (although, like I mentioned before, the salary isn't stellar). We will be moving to an area where we are more comfortable and have a lot more family. I will be able to work in an environment with coworkers who have the same belief and value systems that I do. And all of the material I will be working with will be of a spiritual, church-related nature. Not the worldly stuff that I would be captioning on television. The benefits are excellent and we couldn't be more excited about this whole thing!

So that's the long and short of it. I will be quitting school but will continue my education on a personal course with the other captioner as my mentor/teacher. We are hoping everything goes as planned.

I had some pictures to post of where I will be working, but I can't get them to post here - I don't know what the problem is. Oh well!

Thanks for reading this and thanks to all those who have been so supportive!