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The Housing Market

Well, things have been busy since I got down here. I spent most of my first two weeks getting settled in and looking for homes in the evenings. Unfortunately, we are moving to a more expensive housing market. Finding a home in an area I was comfortable with and then finding a home I was comfortable with became quite challenging.

Work is going along well but it is quite busy right now. My supervisor is leaving the country in about 2 or 3 weeks and will be gone for about a month. We have a lot of training that needs to be done before she leaves but she already has so many projects that need to be done before she leaves, I just feel like I'm taking up more of her time and adding to how much has to be done.

Anyway, we're working through that. It'll work out.

Well, I was able to find us a house to live in. Unfortunately, it's a little bit further away than we had hoped but I think it will be just find. It's about 20 to 30 miles from downtown Salt Lake but it shouldn't be too bad. There is an excellent transportation system that I should be able to use.
Anyway, it's a wonderful deal!!

The house sits on a half acre of land. The first quarter acre is cultivated and has a VERY well maintained yard. The second half is a field with trees. My wife is absolutely ecstatic about finally being able to put a garden in part of this space. The house sits across the street from a small cemetary. At first I didn't like this idea much but then I got to thinking that it means we will never have neighbors across the street. It's an old cemetary that is already full so there won't be funerals happening there that we will have to worry about. It's a four bedroom two bathroom house with two family rooms. It was built in 1966. The entire house has just had brand new carpeting installed, brand new linoleum in the kitchen and bathrooms, fresh paint in and out of the whole house. There is a beautiful deck that spans the whole back of the house (it needs a new coat of stain - but that's no biggie). The backyard has a HUGE storage shed and a small basketball court. There is a living room and a family room that are about the same size - big. There is a large master bedroom (unfortunately, without a master bath) and a large bedroom on the upper floor. The bottom floor has the second family room and another bathroom and two more bedrooms.

So here's the plan: we will be putting our two kids in the one room on the top floor with their clothes and essential room stuff. We will be putting a nice sitting area in the family room on the top floor. We will be putting our tv and other entertainment stuff in the family room downstairs. We will be putting the office/scrapbook space in one of the rooms downstairs. The other room will be a playroom for the kids so we don't have to keep their toys in the room they're sharing. The kitchen right now doesn't have a dishwasher and there is only an evaportive cooler in the roof for cooling. We have asked them to give us an enough of an allowance to put in a dishwasher and a central air cooling system. They accepted that and the rest of our offer - we are ecstatic. Now we just have to get our other house to sell.

Our realtors selling our house did a search today in our area with the same paremeters as our house. There were 40!!! We're hoping and praying that someone will be led to our house and be ready to buy it soon.

I can't get the pics to load here (what's up with that??) so here is a link to view them. Just click on the word link.




doodlebugmom 3:28 PM  

Looks nice Jason. Good luck with the sale of your current house!

Linda :o)

Anonymous 9:35 PM  

I can't view your images because mstar doesn't like the site. Congratulations on finding such an awesome house. We'd like to come see it sometime. We're still praying for you to sell your other house.