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Please be patient with my as I try to get this blog exactly how I would like it to look.
I am still waiting for the best header and color combination I can make/find.
Things will likely be changed up a bit in this process.
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Just Healing Now

Everything with the surger went pretty well. I've ended up with a little more pain than I'd anticipated but I think that will soon be better or at least more manageable.

I'm spending a lot of time in bed getting stuff done on my laptop or doing other school work. I've had an opportuniy once or twice to get to work on my scrapping projects a little. My project for my wife really hasn't turned out the way I was wanting it to so I don't know if I'll post pics or not. I'm really not very happy with it.

My poor wife has been an absolute angel through this whole thing. She is taking care of me, our two sick kids and a sick cat as well! I know she has got to be so tired but she is handling it all quite well. I don't know what I would do without her.

If there's any more developments that come up I'll be sure to write about them. For now, I'm just dealing through the pain and discomfort and enjoying a very nice break from school and work. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers - I really appreciate them!