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Just Healing Now

Everything with the surger went pretty well. I've ended up with a little more pain than I'd anticipated but I think that will soon be better or at least more manageable.

I'm spending a lot of time in bed getting stuff done on my laptop or doing other school work. I've had an opportuniy once or twice to get to work on my scrapping projects a little. My project for my wife really hasn't turned out the way I was wanting it to so I don't know if I'll post pics or not. I'm really not very happy with it.

My poor wife has been an absolute angel through this whole thing. She is taking care of me, our two sick kids and a sick cat as well! I know she has got to be so tired but she is handling it all quite well. I don't know what I would do without her.

If there's any more developments that come up I'll be sure to write about them. For now, I'm just dealing through the pain and discomfort and enjoying a very nice break from school and work. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers - I really appreciate them!


Going under the knife

So sometime (most likely during our move this summer) I strained something well enough to cause some hernias. I've been feeling some discomfort and sometimes pain in my left side on and off for a couple of months. Just recently I got quite sick with the "crud" and ended up coughing like crazy for 2 or 3 weeks. Towards the end of that I started noticing a physical bulge on my abdomen. A co-worker said it sounded like a hernia so I had it checked out. Sure enough, an obvious hernia on my left side and probably one on my right side as well. Oddly enough though, they are hernias which are more common among women than men. (I've always been weird that way).

Anyway, so the surgeon says the left one definitely needs to get fixed and he might as well fix the right one before it gets any worse while he's doing the other one. So tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. I go under the knife to have these little buggers fixed.

I'm not very happy about the whole deal. We are just about to finish paying off our last medical bill from 2005 and then this happens. On top of that, work will only pay me for part of what I'm missing and part of what they are paying me is only at a percentage of what I would normally be paid. Finances are rediculously tight as it is right now and this certainly is not going to help. Iwould put it off if I could but there would be more danger involved in doing that than it is worth. Not to mention the discomfort level is getting pretty high right now.

The doc is only expecting about ten days for recovery before I'll be back in school and work. I'm hoping it's shorter but we'll have to wait and see.

Just so any of the scrappers who read this blog know, I have been trying to keep up on your lives. I read as many blogs as I can and I do check message boards when I can too. I miss being able to participate but I still think of you all quite often.

I've actually been taking a little time to work on a Donna Downey-inspired project for my wife for V-day. I will try to get some pics taken of it and posted after I get it done.

Other than that life continues at its normal, busy pace right now. My two little ones unfortunately both have bronchitis right now. I feel so bad every time I hear the cough. I wish I could make it all go away. They've both been good little troopers so far though and have kept happy attitudes. My daughter will be one next month (I can't believe it!) and is starting to take her first few steps now and then. She is absolutely adorable and I really need to post some updated pictures of her so you can all see her.

Thanks for all your support.