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Cruisin' Right Along at Top Speed

So just a quick note before work starts.

Life is busy! I have completed my training so for all of this week and next week I'm working 12 to 9. On the 27th I start school. School is from 8 to 1:15 and then work is from 2 to 9. I'm planning to leave the house at 7 and I get home around 9:30.

Right now before school starts I get up with the kids in the morning and try to get them and myself ready and out the door by 10:30. Let me just say I have no earthly idea how women do it all so well and don't go crazy! God bless the women in the world!

Work is okay. It's work. I'm trying to find a way to be okay coming to work everyday and not hate my job. I NEVER wanted to work in a call center but here I am and I have to stick it out because it is the most flexible thing I could find for my school schedule.

Thank you to the bloggers in my life! It really helps keep me going to take a few minutes everyday to just read what is happening in friends' lives. Thank you all so much!

Planning a little bit of scrap activity this weekend. I actually haven't been able to do much real scrapping lately. I seem to think that I need to do all these other little projects that are outside of the album. So this weekend is two paint cans. One as a "thank you" to a co-worker and another for my desk at work. Last week I did a cd of my son and a file folder of my daughter both to put in my cubicle at work. I try to sneak at least one tiny little session a week to try and relieve a little stress.

My wife is planning to be a slave driver on Saturday though. I only have tomorrow and one more Saturday before I start working every Saturday. She wants some yard work and the garage done ASAP. So I'm just glad we have a standard that we don't do housework or yardwork on Sundays - that's my scrap time!

Well, gotta go get on the phones!

"Thanks for calling, this is Jason. How can I help?"

(Repeat 50+ times)

Take care all!


5 Little Known Facts

So, as promised, I need to list 5 little known facts about myself. I had planned to do this last week but it just didn't really seem like the right time with all of the tragedy and hard times several of my friends were facing. Anyway, here goes...

1. I don't eat chocolate, ice cream, cake, licorice, gum or hot dogs very often at all. I'm certainly not a fan of any of the above. I also don't like tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, beans (of any kind), sour cream, milk and many, many other things.

2. I'm extremely anal about some things. My closet...All of my hangers HAVE to be white - no other color. All of my shirts have to face the same direction and be separated by the kind of shirt. Most of my shoes, on the other hand, are simply thrown in a basket at the bottom of the closet.

3. I swear I must have the world's smallest bladder. I can seriously go to the bathroom 2 or more times an hour. There was one time I was watching a movie with my wife and sil and seriously went to the bathroom more than six times during a two hour movie. It's quite pathetic!

4. I was a horrible baby to my mother when she was pregnant. I was due on April 14th and born on May 10th. I was 23 inches long. After 36 hours of labor the doctors finally decided I wasn't coming on my own and decided to do a c-section. My mom and I both almost died. She also had sneezed at some point late in the pregnancy, I flew forward and broke some ribs. They couldn't set or fix the ribs because she was pregnant and so large.

5. I was born with my pinkie finger stuck in my right ear lobe. So it looks like my right ear is pierced but never has been. My left ear on the other hand was done by choice (at a very foolish age) and is not used anymore.

So there you have it.

So my mom and my aunt are here visiting us for the weekend. My aunt told me that she reads my blog to keep up on how we are doing and what we are doing. She also told me that I am far too whiney on my blog. So, after I finish the cheese with my whine I promise to do better and not be quite so whiney and complaining on my blog.

But then again, promises are like rules - made to be broken!