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I've been tagged

My good friend Colleen tagged me for the most recent thing going around our world of blogs. I don't have time this morning Colleen but I will get my list put together and posted asap.

Thanks to you my friends for your encouraging support - I appreciate it!

God bless and keep those now in the wake of Katrina (the skank).



platitudinous: lack of originality, triteness, boring

Ever think that one word could so accurately sum up an entire blog? I must apologize to the crowd of approximately three people who stop by here. I don't write to please the crowds but I know when I enjoy reading a blog and when I don't. This would most certainly be a blog that I would not enjoy reading.

I know that I get frustrated when the blogs that I enjoy reading are not updated regularly. This thing has been very poorly updated recently and for that I must apologize.

I also had more of an intention to include photos of a general variety as well as pictures of some of my work on a regular basis. That just simply hasn't happened because photos seem to take so darn long to get on the blog and I haven't had any time to create anything lately to put on the blog.

I just found out this weekend that my time will probably be getting cut even shorter. The job my wife is working at starts at 7:15 so she will have to leave before me. That puts me having to drop the kids off in the mornings before I go to work. Which means that now I have to get up earlier which means that I have to go to bed earlier every night so I can get up on time. So now I'm sure I will work all day, come home, eat, put kids to bed and then go to bed myself. Instead of having a few moments in the evening to try and do some projects before I have to be to bed, I will now have to go to bed much earlier.

Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill again (who me?). Maybe once we get into a routine it won't be so bad - I don't know. All I do know is that I'm certainly going to be missing the schedule I had working for the school district in Pocatello where I got to be home every evening after 3:30 and had plenty of time to do things I wanted to. By the way, who starts school at the awful hour of 7:15 anyway?? ( my wife will be working for the school district) The school system in Pocatello started at 8:30.

Anyway, so to the three of you who may read this in the next couple of days - I apologize. I don't foresee any time in the near future being alotted for me to update more regularly or to include more fun things on this blog - I just don't have the time.

Thanks for being faithful though - much appreciated!

Sorry for the delay

I only have a few minutes to post so I thought I'd write a quick hello and a promise to do more later.

You may notice that the text is now in black. I got my laptop last week. I received it several days before Dell had told me it would ship. I was very excited! There's been a few confusions I think though with what I ordered and what I got so I will be spending some time on the phone with Dell here pretty soon.

I started my new job last Monday. It's been okay so far. We have a 5 week training to help us learn all about Wells Fargo, their products, their systems and all that other jazz. So, only 4 weeks left now!!

The one thing I have absolutely hated so far though is the stinkin' commute! I come from a city where traffic is not that bad. I can get anywhere I want to go in about 15 minutes max! Now it takes me about 15 minutes to get from my house to the interstate and then at least another 1/2 hour to get to work once I'm on the freeway. That is on a good day though. I have never had to sit in stop-and-go traffic on a daily basis. It's driving me insane!!! What would be a half hour drive easily becomes 45 minutes to an hour. I leave my house every morning at 7:00 so I can make sure I'm at work at 8:30. This has been a huge adjustment!

Now with the ridiculous price of gas I'm just more flaming ticked off about the whole situation! This is going to cost be a bloody fortune to commute like this in stop and go traffic five days a week driving a Chrystler New Yorker! Maybe its time to consider trying to find a more economical car. Or maybe it's just high time the government pulls their heads out of their political rears and does something about the "gouge at the pump"!

Anyway, the house is coming along. We are trying to make some final decisions on paint colors and then we will start painting soon. Hopefully after we do that, have the carpets cleaned and replace some blinds we will be able to get rid of the stale smoke smell from the previous inhabitants. Neither of us are smokers and that smell is driving me insane (please, no offense to anyone who does smoke)! Does anyone have suggestions for eradicating such a smell?

My wife starts work this week and so starts the outrageous cost of child care. We found a lady who will charge us $15 per kid per day. That's 30 freakin' dollars a day! Which is $150 a week and $600 a month. I can't believe it! We're hoping my wife will get a different job she applied for that will have her working three 12 hour shifts. So our child care will only need to be 3 days a week instead of 5. That will certainly help with the cost. Not to mention she'll get to spend more time with the kids. We'll have to see how it works out.

Well, work starts is a few minutes - I'd better go. I will post some pics soon of the new laptop and other fun stuff. Bye for now!

We're Outta Here!!

Like promised, in blue in honor of my new laptop. (The printer shipped on the 2nd but no word yet on the laptop itself)

Anyway, "Today is the day, the sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are out.... THE TANK IS CLEAN!!" -Peach from Finding Nemo

We really are out of here though. Today is the day we are going up to sign the closing documents. Tomorrow morning after all the funds are transferred and the sell is recorded the house will be ours! So tonight we have to stay at my brother-in-law's house but tomorrow night we will be in our very own new house. We are so excited!!!

We will spend most of our time until the house is actually ours doing some shopping for the house. Today we are going in for the final walk-through and doing some measuring and color sampling so we can figure out what we want to do with stark white walls. (Color please!! Someone give me some color!!!!) I don't know if it's the scrapbooker in me or if its the design shows I've been watching all summer on HGTV but I've got to have some color in this house and I've got to have it soon! So as soon as the unpacking is done we are starting in on all of the walls in the house.

So the next time I post I will be posting from my new house and hopefully I will have some better pictures of the interior that I can share.

Bye for now!