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Officially Homeless

homeless: adj. "Having no home or permanent place of residence"

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So it is official now. I am officially homeless. We spent the night in the house Sunday night on air mattresses and then spent all day Monday doing the last bit of cleaning that needed to be done. At 3:00 we signed all of the papers and officially turned over the house. I must say for someone as emotional as I tend to be it was a bit difficult to stop and look around the empty house for the very last time.

After we finished some other errands we went over to a friend's house for a little visit. She had planned a going away party for us and had several people come over to chat with us and say good-bye. It was a very nice thing to do. For the most part it wasn't too difficult to say goodbye to everyone. The real difficult part was when it was time for us to leave. Everyone else had gone and it was just us and this couple who threw the party. They have been more like a brother and sister to us than just friends and after all the emotions of the day it was impossible for any of the four of us to hold it back any longer.

Anyway, it was an emotional day to say the least. Now the real fun of "nose-to-the-grindstone" job hunting begins. Wish me luck!

Reading makes me happy...

I thought it was about time that I actually took a second to update my blog. It's been WAY too long.

Life has been CRAZY the past few days again. We have just been going gangbusters on getting this house packed. All we have left is our room, the kids' room and the linen closet with a few little odds and ends here and there. We pick up and pack up the moving truck on Thursday. A majority of all our belongings will sit in a storage unit until we have a house to move to. The vital stuff will all be coming with us to the in-laws house. For anyone who might be wondering my scrapbook stuff is of course included in that "vital" stuff. My dear wife didn't even put up a fight with me on that one. I think she understands for me to maintain my sanity over the next month or two I MUST have a place to escape to. Only two boxes of stuff that I don't use often are going to storage - everything else comes with me!

I hate this stage of moving though. All my walls are bare and I'm surrounded by boxes. I've never felt so empty and crowded all at the same time - it sucks!
(Not to mention my little obsessive-compulsive need to have things straightened, cleaned and organized - yeah I'm going a little crazy!)

My poor sweet little boy. This has been hard on him I'm sure. Mom and dad don't have time to play because we have so much to do. I don't think he realized that we're never coming back to this house - he thinks we're going on a trip to see grandma and grandpa. The real horror will strike tomorrow when he and mom start packing his room and boxing up his toys - I"m soo glad I won't be here for that!!

In the midst of all the insanity around here I try to snag a few seconds here and there to catch up on the posts at the ssmb and read my favorite blogs. I must say that just reading the fun and witty things that are posted at Kenny's, Colleen's, Lindsay's, Cathy's and Donna's blogs just make me happy.

Everyone can use a little comic relief in their life.
Well, my wife just reminded me that we are still in fact quite busy and my bedtime has come and gone. What would I do without her?

Something Refreshingly Different

Because it seems like all I do is post about the boring and hectic moments of my life I decided to take a little break from the mundane. I'm not much of a creative writer and I'm certainly not very funny so I will take the easy way out for this post and use a formula I found at Colleen's blog. Here goes:

A is for age - just turned 27 in May.

B is for booze - none I don't drink at all.

C is for career - Right now I'm an Educational Interpreter for the Deaf. Going back to school this fall to change my career and eventually become a closed captioner.

D is for dad's name - Floyd. My children will never be named after my father.

E is for essential item to bring to a party - generally games of some sort. I don't ever go to wild parties, they tend to just be small get togethers with friends and we always play games.

F is for favorite songs at the moment - I really don't know, there's so much music I love!

G is for goof off thing to do - Read blogs, write in my blog, read mb's, play on the internet. I RARELY watch TV anymore because when I have free time I have so much to do on the internet.

H is for hometown - Pocatello, Idaho. Born in Utah but I've lived in Pocatello for most of my life.

I is for instrument you play - NONE! I attempted the clarinet in school but it quickly became obvious that I am not musically inclined!

J is for jam or jelly you like - there's this one we can occassionally find around here that is a 3 berry blend - I really like that one.

K is for kids - two, Auryn who just turned 3 and Nyah who is almost 3 months.

L is for living arrangement - married almost 5 years

M is for mom's name - Kathleen (now my daughter's middle name)

N is for names of best friends - Jeff (my all time, life-long, will-always-be, best friend of 14 yrs. now) Aaron and Jason are two other really great friends whom I love. And of course, my eternal best friend - my wife!

O is for overnight hospital stays - twice. Once after a nose surgery - only one night. The other time was after I was life-flighted to a major hospital because I was told I was dying and needed a life saving operation. After two nights in the hospital and many more tests I went home with a simple prescription.

P is for phobias - spiders. I hate those things with a blind, passionate hatred!

Q is for quote you like - "Don't walk in front of me - I may not follow, Don't walk behind me - I may not lead, Just walk beside me and be my friend."

R is for relationship that lasted the longest - My marriage to my wife of almost 5 years. I didn't really have many serious ones before that.

S is for siblings - one brother, Sam.

T is for Texas, ever been? - No. Not much of a driving desire either. If occasion rises I will go.

U is for unique trait - a male scrapbooker - what else is there to say?

V is for vegetable you love - not many. I guess corn is on the top of the list.

W is for worst traits - my wife hates how picky of an eater I am. I'm also very bold and straightforward and can sometimes hurt people's feelings without thinking. (My poor wife)

X is for X-rays you've had - more than I can count. I have regular chest x-rays and I've also had several MRI's and a CAT scan. I've had various ones on different bones in my body as well.

Y is for yummy food you make - I don't make yummy foods. (My poor wife)

Z is for zodiac sign - Taurus

I know that whole thing is kind of boring but it's either that or me doing some more ranting about moving and expensive cars (which by the way is still making the same noise I paid $1300 to have fixed.)

Good day!

The Expensive Car

'94 Chrysler New Yorker
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This blue beauty has now become affectionately known as the "expensive car". That's the only thing my son calls it now. Here's why:

We got the car on Tuesday and my father-in-law told us there was some noise going on with the power steering and it was leaking a bit. He figured it would stop after all the seals and everything had time to get lubed up and whatnot (the car had been sitting for about a year). Well I drove it a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday for work. Wednesday evening we piled the whole fam in for a trip to Walmart. About half way there we notice a really bad sound going on with the steering. We decide we had better have it looked at instead of just waiting for it to get better.

So my wife takes it to the shop on Thursday. They look it over and say that there is definitely a leak on the passenger side of the power steering line. He said they may be able to just fix the leak but if not they would have to replace the whole rack and pinion steering. You guessed it - the whole thing had to be replaced. So after having them fix the rack and pinion, the thermostat, and the littly hydraulic things that hold the hood up (that stuff was all broken too) the total came to a nice, pleasant $1,000.00-ish. I about DIED! We had no choice - it was already done so it had to be paid. Thank goodness for a credit card in a situation like that. Did I mention that the parts only came to a little over $400 - the rest was labor!

So we go pick it up and pay for it. The wife takes the baby home and I take my son to go get lunch for all of us - hey we already spent 1,000 bucks today what's a few more? After we pick up the food and head home I start hearing the exact same awful noise. I was ticked! As soon as I finished my lunch I took it right back to that shop and made it very clear (my kind way of saying I was quite p.o.'d) that they had not fixed what we asked them to fix. The mechanic comes out to look at it and moves the steering wheel from left to right - "I don't hear any sound - I don't know what you guys are talking about" (This is about the point I get real close to losing my temper and start spouting some not so nice things). I kept myself in check and kindly told the mechanic to get in the car and we would take a drive so he could hear what I was talking about. Five minutes later my point had been quite well proven and he had a big fat ostrich egg on his face! So we go back to the shop so he can look it over.

After several minutes I'm fed up with waiting and ask someone to go find out what is going on. I am informed that it is now the power steering pump that is the problem and was the reason for the noise. WHAT???? Why was that not noticed and taken care of before?? This is the point where I lost my temper. I had just paid these bozos $1,000 and they couldn't catch this. Their excuse was that the seals had been so broken and chewed up that they damaged the pump when they were flushed through. I told them I was very unhappy that they didn't fix the problem. The mechanic was very adamant that they had fixed something that was broken and needed replacing. Long story short, he gave me a deal on the pump and replaced a couple other things for free.

So this car that until Saturday morning had sat in the shop more than in my driveway has now cost me a pretty $1,300!!!! Thus the title, "the expensive car"

I hate cars!!

Sorry for such negative news - I have to vent somewhere. It had darn well better not give me anymore problems now.

Like drinking from a fire hose...

I feel like my entire life has suddenly become a situation that is much like taking a drink of water from a fire hose. Here's why.

We have made the commitment to go ahead and move to Boise so we told our realtor to go ahead and publish the house in a local home seller's magazine and put it in the MLS. Well apparently she got the house in the MLS on Monday night. The calls started rolling in on Tuesday around 11:00 a.m.

By 3:00 p.m. we had received approximately 10 calls to show the house and had 5 appointments for Tuesday alone starting at 5:00. Just as we were getting ready to leave the house for a few hours so it could be shown we called our realtor to ask a question. She told us we might as well come up to her house because she had just received an offer on the house and we needed to discuss it. The official "For Sale" sign had only been in the yard for a little over an hour!

So we went up to the realtor's house. We found out that the guy who was making the offer is another realtor in town who also has many other properties he owns and manages. He was offering on the house and hadn't even seen it yet. I guess he was going on faith that it would be comparable to other homes he knew in the area. To make sure he came in strong and had precedence over others, he offered $1100 more than we were asking. His offer had a few things in it we didn't like when we read over it. While we were reading and discussing his offer another one came in! After figuring it all out the two offers came out to be within a couple of hundred dollars of cash we would walk away with. Because the first offer was from a realtor and had a strong a reliable lender we decided to keep working with that one. By 8:00 p.m. we had countered his offer, he accepted and I signed the papers!

The closing will be on June 27. That gives me almost 4 weeks to find a job, find a house, pack and move! We can't buy a house in Boise until we have a job because no one will pre approve us for a loan. We haven't had a whole lot of luck yet finding jobs so we're kind of in a bind. So now it looks like we will be packing, moving everything we don't REALLY need into storage in Boise and moving in with my in-laws until we can find a job and a house in Boise. They live an hour from us and about 2 hours from Boise (about right in the middle). My in-laws are great, they have plenty of room but I am certainly not excited about living in limbo!

On top of all the realtor calls around 2:30-3:00 my in-laws showed up at the house with a little "gift". They were delivering my wife's grandpa's car. We were originally hoping that he would give us the car (there had been talk of that) but it didn't happen. I guess he still wanted money out of it or something. So my incredibly gracious father-in-law bought the car from him and gave it to us. We are on the agreement that the car will be paid back "sometime". He has told us to not even worry about it until we get to Boise, get settled and figure out if we can start paying a monthly payment on it. At any rate, it's an interest free loan! The whole situation is more than we could have possibly hoped for. I love my in-laws!

'94 Chrysler New Yorker
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The car is a '94 Chrysler New Yorker. It only has 56,000 miles on it and is incrdible condition! It's certainly bigger but MUCH nicer than my Geo. The wreck was certainly unfortunate and came at a bad time but I think we walked out of it in better shape than we were before!

We have been truly blessed and I must offer praise to God for it!

"...with God all things are possible." Matt. 19:26

Here's the damage...

So I figured I would post some pics here to display the amount of damage done to my little "tin can". I was able to sell it to a mechanic for $225. Just enough to pay for the tow, storage and ticket with a wee bit left. Enjoy the carnage!

Geo Side View
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Geo Front View
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Geo Total Carnage
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Geo Closeup
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