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A Day In My Life.

Once again, I apologize for the lack of material on this blog. Things have been just as busy as I had expected they would be. Even my days off have been filled with catching up with those family and house things that don't get done on any other day.

School is good though. I really do love it! It is quite intimidating and scary to think that at some point I have to get up to 225 words per minute when right now I'm working at 30 and having to stop the tape sometimes. It also gets intimidating when we talk to students who've been there for 2 or more years and they've still not graduated. I'm working very hard to keep my head above water with school and doing okay so far. This week I add a new book to my repertoire of lessons that I'm sure will start causing me to fall behind. Vanessa and I are talking about our options for me to cut down to part time with work or to quit all together. I must say I'm quite excited about the possibility of quitting but in order for it to happen we would have to take additional student loans to supplement Vanessa's income. I'm NOT excited about how far in debt we would be by the time I finish.

Here's what we're asking ourselves though. Is it worth it to us to be more in debt up front? If I fall behind, which at my current rate - it is guaranteed, I will be in school loner. The least amount I will ever pay for a semester of school is $5,000. If school takes me 5 years instead of 2 1/2 years then I will have at least $45,000 in student loans plus the 5 years in school. That means I have to work at a job I don't really like for 2 1/2 yrs. longer and my wife has to work 2 1/2 years longer instead of get to stay home with the kids. On the other hand I could quit and take about $800-$1000 additional each month in loans and have a better chance of getting the program done on time. That means I get into my field earlier and Vanessa gets to start staing home with the kids sooner. I have a hard time stomaching the idea of being that much more in debt though. Each month taking money that will put me further in debt instead of working to make money for my family. I'm pretty torn right now.

So, since I really don't like my job much, I'm not going to include any pictures or detailed information here about it.

Here's some pictures and information about what I do with school though.

This is a rough idea of the machine I work on currently. Mine is just about as old as this but is yellow in color. It is one I'm renting from the school for now. After about six months I will probably buy my own machine which is much newer and much nicer. It will cost me about $1500.00 though.

This is what the keyboard looks like. With a steno machine it is not about words but about strokes. The keyboard is divided into the initial (left) side and final (right) side. With keys representing sounds of the english language more than words, every word of the english language language can be stroked on this keyboard. It is compared more to playing a piano than anything. I stroke combinations of keys simultaneously to create words or syllable of words much like a pianist depresses keys on the piano to create chords.

This is an idea of what my notes would look like. They are printed on paper that is about 2 inches wide with each stroke appearing on a seperate line. Sometimes one line can have an entire phrase or it can have only one syllable of a word - it depends.
These notes here are way too small to actually read but if you're intereted in seeing them in their full size visit this website:

Basically it is like learning an entirely new language again. There is a complex theory with rules that govern every stroke I make. The woman who invented must be a genius! Here is a link to the site for my theory.

So that's a little of what I do right now. Like I said before, it is VERY difficult and demanding but I am loving it so far.

Thanks again, to everyone for being patient with me and being so supportive!



doodlebugmom 10:16 AM  

No need to apologize! Real life is so much more important that blog-life!

I can relate to the debt dilemna. I often wonder about going back to school but the debt worries me too. So far I am hanging in a job I like most of the time, but am getting nowhere. For now, I keep the back to school plans on the back burner until my kids are older and my health is better.

Are there any scholarships available for you? Check and then check some more.

Linda :o)

Kenny 10:22 AM  

Good to hear from you! I'm tired just reading this! Thanks for the lesson...I've always wondered how those little machines work. This all sounds very difficult to me.

Cindy 12:30 PM  

Hi Jason!

I am reading your blog for the first time via Macdaddy's blog. Love him! I just wanted to say hi to a fellow Idahoan. I also see that you are going to court reporting school. I am thinking that you will be using this to further your translating for the deaf? My daughter went to court reporting school and she also did some transcribing for deaf college students at University of Idaho. She did move on to Spokane where she became a court reporter for a judge. Just want to tell you to stick with it as it can be rewarding as well as providing an excellant income! I had a son who was born with a rare syndrome who eventually had to be placed in the Children's Hospital in Nampa. He was also deaf. Sadly he died when he was 2 years and 3 months old from heart and kidney failure.

I plan to check your blog from time to time. I wish you much luck with your education or what ever you decide to do. My son in law is working full time and going to school at night to finish his bachelor program so I know how hard all that is. They also have a 7 month old baby!

Tell Kenny that learning court reporting is like learning a new foreign language and also how to write it!!!