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We're Outta Here!!

Like promised, in blue in honor of my new laptop. (The printer shipped on the 2nd but no word yet on the laptop itself)

Anyway, "Today is the day, the sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are out.... THE TANK IS CLEAN!!" -Peach from Finding Nemo

We really are out of here though. Today is the day we are going up to sign the closing documents. Tomorrow morning after all the funds are transferred and the sell is recorded the house will be ours! So tonight we have to stay at my brother-in-law's house but tomorrow night we will be in our very own new house. We are so excited!!!

We will spend most of our time until the house is actually ours doing some shopping for the house. Today we are going in for the final walk-through and doing some measuring and color sampling so we can figure out what we want to do with stark white walls. (Color please!! Someone give me some color!!!!) I don't know if it's the scrapbooker in me or if its the design shows I've been watching all summer on HGTV but I've got to have some color in this house and I've got to have it soon! So as soon as the unpacking is done we are starting in on all of the walls in the house.

So the next time I post I will be posting from my new house and hopefully I will have some better pictures of the interior that I can share.

Bye for now!


doodlebugmom 7:12 PM  

Jason...I am so happy for you. Things are falling into place for you and your family.

I am an HGTV junkie too...I am still awaiting for my new house...someday maybe!

Linda :o)

Kenny 5:07 AM  

Be safe, Dude! Can't wait for you to get settled and back to "normal"!

Heather 10:45 PM  

Hope everything goes smoothly!

I'm with ya on the color, too... one of the first things we did last summer after we moved was paint the bathroom, which was baby-food-pea-green, a beautiful, bright, Greek blue! Yea for color!!

Colleen 6:05 AM  

i'm the same way. every room in my house is a different color. my living room is a nice calming tan, m dining room is burgundy. the bedroom is a carolina blue, downstairs bedroom a caribbean blue, and office is a dark sage green. kitchen is yellow. i like bright colors and lots of color. you just go with how you feel. but don't rush it. the colors will come to you. we changed our mind several times.

good luck with the move and congrats!!!