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The Weather Dude

Go ahead and criticize me or roll your eyes - I don't really care.

Yesterday the temp. in our area was hovering VERY near that 100 mark. When I checked my blog yesterday the very first thing I saw was the Weather Pixie. In my opinion she was not wearing enough to keep me comfortable. Knowing some of the people who check my blog to keep updated on what goes on in our lives - I knew they wouldn't be comfortable seeing such a thing and more importantly I wasn't really comfortable seeing her there like that either.

So the Weather Pixie is now the Weather Dude. Some may think it is a little wonky for a guy to have a guy over there who will change his clothes with the weather. But I submit that there are plenty of my blogger sisters who have a female on their blog and it isn't given a second thought. I don't yet know how much of his clothes he will shed either - I may have to change it later.

I even looked for some other kind of weather icon or something I could put there but had no luck. So if anyone knows of something else - please let me know.

So regardless of what anyone thinks, feels or says - no more weather pixie who looks a bit too much like a prostitute for my comfort!

Besides, it's my blog and I'll do whatever I want!


fdfs 10:19 PM  

Well, at least you know where your principles lie. Good for you.

Kenny 5:43 AM  

Autumnville has a moon phase thing at her blog that's pretty neat, if you're into the moon. Fair warning if you visit there though...close your eyes because she has a potty mouth.

Cyndee 9:52 AM  

amen, amen, AMEN!!

~**Dawn**~ 8:25 AM  

hmmmm...seems to me i saw a blog somwhere that had an American flag instead of a person but i can't remember now who has it. if i can track it down again, i'll pass the info along. funny that i never noticed my weather pixie as being too skimpily (is that a word?? LOL) clad--never less clothing than a tank top & pants...and i live in FL where we know it gets mighty warm! guess i'll have to keep an eye on her...