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This makes me so happy!


For anyone who doesn't look at "the dashboard" or blogger home - they have finally made it so you can upload pictures to your blog without having to do it through another stinkin' site. Can I just say how happy that makes me??!!

I would get so ticked off at having to upload my pic to a site, then send it to my blog, then open the pic then write about it then upload another pic then send it to my blog then copy it and then paste it, yada.. yada.. yada...

I love it when things happen that make life easier for me!

And now I'm going to add a pic just because I darn well can!

Me and my kids on Father's Day.

Oh! And for anyone who hasn't read Colleen's blog entry on "the puppy saga" - you don't want to miss it! PMS or no PMS I have to say AMEN SISTER!


Colleen 9:16 AM  

thanks J! love the pic and i feel ya on that loading pics thing. i have to check this out on blogger. this will be soooo much easier!

Kenny 5:59 AM  

What's up, dude? Great photo. I love the new program although I can't see my pictures when I post them. I can see your's but can't see Colleen's! Weird, huh? Maybe I can't see the ones loaded from the Hello thing?? Grrr.

doodlebugmom 8:38 PM  

Such a sweet picture of you and the kids. Hope you had a great Dad's day

Linda/newflip :o)

Dianne K. Nelson 3:41 PM  

Nice lookin' family!

Take Care,