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The rundown of our 4th

Old Glory
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I figured I would post some pics of the 4th and a little of what we did.

Life really doesn't get too exciting in the podunk town of Rupert, Idaho - even for the 4th of July. Their fireworks show was on June 30th (don't ask me why). We watched from my in-laws' front yard. They have a good view but I couldn't get any pics of it.

We slept in way too late on the morning of the 4th and then made a big breakfast for the family. After getting ready we headed down to "Rupert Square" to watch a parade with the kids. It was nothing but fire trucks, horses, trucks, cars, motorcycles and a few cheerleaders. In my opinion it was about the most boring thing I ever sat through. I don't think Auryn liked it much either.

Auryn at parade
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After the parade we came back home and Auryn played around on his bike for a while. He enjoys nothing more about being at grandma and grandpa's than to have much more space to ride his bike around.

Auryn's bike ride
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After lunch Auryn had a nap (and so did daddy) while mommy and grandpa went to the store. Auryn must have had a little too much to drink before nap because he wet through his pullup. Thus the reason for different clothes halfway through the day. For dinner grandpa barbecued some burgers and we ate outside.

Auryn at BBQ
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After dinner I set up a favorite family game. We call it ladder golf, or snake golf or horseshoe golf but there are literally hundreds of names I've heard it called. Auryn loves to play along and through his own set of balls. It makes a standard game go much slower but I have much less of a headache when its all said and done. (I don't know how well you can see this pic but I am scratching my eye - not picking my nose!)

Golf game
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We played the game well into the night while we waited for the night to get dark enough to light off fireworks. Auryn was patient but anxious. He was so excited when we finally got started. There were some neighbors behind us that had what were obviously illegal fireworks but it made for a nice show for us to watch while we let off our own piddly little fountains and sparklers. Auryn absolutely loves sparklers!

Auryns Sparkler
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Although they are only fountains and sparklers I think I was able to get some pretty decent and usable pics of fireworks.

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Through most of the day the little one just hung around and slept and played. She really was not very happy with most of the noisy fireworks and she had no trouble making it known. She had lots of fun earlier in the evening playing on a blanket with her mom and Aunt Shandra.

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All in all we had a pretty good day. It was a little more boring than I'm used to but it was nice to spend it with family. My little American Kid certainly enjoyed himself though!

American Kid
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Thanks for reading about our day. I sure hope everyone else had a good and safe day as well.


Kenny 10:17 AM  

Hey buddy! Awesome photos! Now why can I see these and can't see photos on my own or other blogs?? I'm so confused. Also, now I can't see the house picture from the previous posts. Grrrrr.

Gamm 1:30 AM  

Sounds like your fourth could have been in my home town in TX too from descrip of parade.
The pics are great. Sparkler pics are so neat of kiddos. Hope job hunt is going well for ya'll.