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A Pretty Cool Find

I love it when I find a good deal!

My wife and I were recently shopping at JC Penny trying to find her a swimming suit. The search for that was unfruitful but I found a nice little deal as we were gettting ready to leave.

This nice little photocube was stacked with about 30 other identical nice little photocubes. I decided to stop and take a peak.

I liked the brown leather look and I liked that it had places for five photos. What I really liked though was that it was a multi-tasking decorative piece. It opens up!

I love things that function as more than meets the eye! I started thinking to myself, "This not only looks cool, has a place to display photos but its functional too! I think I could use one or two of these in my scrapbook space - I'm sure I could find somewhere to put it."

I thought yeah, that's great but at $4.99 - I'm not quite sure. So the absolute best part of the whole cube was discovered when I turned it over.

Not only does it look cool, not only does it display photos, not only is it functional, not only would it be great for my scrapbook space but it was reduced to 77 cents!!!!! That was the deal closer right there!

I started thinking "At this price they could possibly be good gifts for grandma's or something - I'll have to have more than 1 or 2 and I'm sure I'll find something to do with them." My dear wife sportingly agreed so we left with five of these little babies.

I tell you it took control not to buy more of them. So if you have a JC Penny anywhere near you go see if you can find these things.

I love a good deal!


Kenny 5:43 AM  

Great fine. I'll need to drop by our JCP's and see if they have them.

Colleen 5:54 AM  

way to spot a deal dude! i'm gonna check out mine too and see if i can't find one. that would make a great bday gift for my sis in law

donna downey 10:29 AM  

see, now that's what i am talking about....THAT"S A SCRAPBOOK baby!!