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Moving On...

Well, it has finally happened. My wife and I have both been offered jobs in the area we are looking to move to. Unfortunately, neither of the jobs are exactly what we'd hoped for but they are enough to get us up to the area and try to get settled.

Now the stress of finding and buying a house in a limited time is what we'll face next. I start my position on August 8 and she starts hers on August 16. That gives us 3 weeks from Monday to find, offer, buy and move into a house - crazy! But then again why should I expect any different lately? Isn't that about the exact same way things worked out when selling our house?

So we're going up to the area on Monday and Tuesday with our realtors to find us a place. It should prove to be a long, busy and probably emotion packed couple of days. I just really hope we'll be able to find something that will at least be suitable and comfortable for us. I'm so scared we're going to end up in something much smaller than the one we sold and be unhappy with it.

We have good realtors though and they are coming with us and then hooking us up with a friend of theirs in the area to also help - I'm confident in their abilities to find us something that will work for us.

I'm very scared that our financial situation will also prove stressful. In order for us to find something decent in this larger area we have to look in a higher price range than our last house which will make for a larger house payment. Unfortunately the jobs aren't paying much higher than the ones we had in Pocatello. I'm also quite nervous about childcare and how much that will run but I can't foresee being able to keep my wife home and not have to work on my income alone.

All the unknowns and variable just drive me nuts! I am very much the kind of guy who likes to have control of the situation and be able to make plans ahead of time. There's so much in this situation that we just can't figure out until we get there and I absolutely HATE that!

Oh well, such is life huh?


doodlebugmom 10:10 AM  

hi Jason

Sounds like you are super stressed. And all this with a young family. Hope the house hunting goes well. Interest rates are great now, maybe that will help.

Will keep you in my prayers that things fall into place for you.

Good Luck!
Linda/newflip :o)

Colleen 2:41 PM  

congrats on the jobs! good luck house hunting...i know you'll find something fab.

Kenny 5:30 AM  

Breathe! That's great news about the jobs. Have you considered renting an apartment/house temporarily until you get a little more settled in and get to know the area a little better?