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A few more pictures of the house

I just got these pictures from the realtor yesterday. I asked her to go back out to the house and measure the space for the fridge for me and while she was there to take some pics of the inside of the house. The pics are good but the info about the fridge space is not.

I guess the opening is 36" x 68". The fridge I was planning to buy is 35 5/8 " x 39 1/4". It is obviously too tall for my opening and I've been told that it will also be too tight on the width as well. Apparently you need an opening that is approximately one inch higher and wider than your fridge. I'm really bumbed now because I don't know what fridge to buy. My wife and I really wanted a side by side with a water and ice dispenser in the door. We found a really good one at Home Depot for only $699 but it's not going to fit. Every other fridge I've looked at that we like is the same size or larger. I don't know what to do. We could make some alterations to the opening but I'd feel more comfortable having a carpenter do that and I'm sure that would cost more money than I really have to spend on this whole fridge thing.

Oh well, here are the pics:

This is a really nice one of the outside. I like the blue skies better than the twilight skies in the pics I took of the outside.

This is a really nice one of the kitchen. It's a U-shaped kitchen with the dining space sitting in the opening of the U.

Here is the other side of the kitchen with the pantry and the opening for the fridge. It is plumbed for an ice maker - I just really hope we'll be able to find a fridge that will fit that has one!

This is part of the master bedroom. We are so excited to have a much bigger closet than we had in the last house. Our last closet was so small I had to keep some of my clother in the kids' closet. (and yes I said "I" not "she")

Here is the master bathroom. We are ecstatic to have our own bathroom! We are also very excited about the amout of storage and space in this bathroom compared to our last one - it was severely lacking both!

Here is the bathroom we will be using for the children. It is situated right between their two rooms. It only has the one vanity but it is plenty for them.

This is the family room/office. We will be using it for an office. It is the only room in the house with hardwood floors. We will be putting one or two table in it for my scrapbooking, the computer desk, some bookcases, a filing cabinet and either the futon or day bed so it can be used for a guest room as well. I'm quite sure it will be quickly cramped!

Unfortunately she didn't send me any pictures of the living room or the kids' rooms. I really wanted a picture of the living room but oh well huh?

So what do you think?


Heather 11:20 PM  

It looks very nice. I'm sure your family will enjoy the new space!

Colleen 3:43 PM  

i love it! what a great kitchen!!! be sure and email me your new addy for the tag swap #2 peeps.

doodlebugmom 1:39 PM  

Looks very nice Jason. I am jealous of the closets! (I live in a old farm house with no closets. ugh)

Take the dimensions of your fridge opening next time you go to Home Depot. They should be able to set you up nicely.

Linda :o)