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Dude! You gotta get a Dell!


I've been hemming and hawing over buying one for a very long time. My wife always seems to come up with a reason why I should wait. This time when I brought it up she didn't fight back so I jumped on the opportunity. It took me a couple of days to research what I really wanted but I finally decided on the Dell 600m. I'm pleased.

They had a good deal on it but my final payment was still $200 more than the deal started at. After adding a warranty program, a snapcover and a surge protector. Then the darn tax and handling feel really made it shoot up! The shipping was free (saved myself $30)!

Anyway, I'm ecstatic and I'm going to be dying to see the UPS man in my new driveway next week. It doesn't even ship until the 11th (my anniversary) so I have a while to wait.

I hate waiting!!!

Anyway, here's some pics:

I got the Venice Blue snapcover. I've always liked that one!


In honor of my new Venice Blue Dell laptop, all of my posts will be written in blue until it shows up. Sorry if you hate it!


Kenny 9:52 AM  

You dog! No fair. I want one! I'm afraid I'll NEVER catch the dw in that good of a mood! LOL!

Heather 11:45 AM  

I'm jealous, too! Have fun with your new toy when it shows up!

Colleen 11:45 AM  

dude! you got a dell!!

cool laptop too! love it!!

Gamm 5:22 PM  

for an unemployed homeless guy... You're doing great! Enjoy the dell, The house looks great. Congrats on jobs for you and DW. Good luck with daycare. Glad everything is coming together for ya'll.