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A dang treasure trove or something!

Today I would like to talk about a few cool things I have found recently.

Many of you know that Vanessa and I were headed to the Boise area on Monday and Tuesday to start looking for houses. I will spare you all the details about realtor problems, our other appointments in the middle of the search, and other things from the search that just aren't worth wasting your time with.

But here's a rough breakdown: Finally get out of here a little after 8:30, arrive at Boise about 11:15, phone calls forever, finally meet entirely new and different realtor at 1:00, search listings for an hour, see 2 houses (both definite NO!), have an appointment 1/2 hour away, realtor says "See you tomorrow", we think "Tomorrow's our last day and we've only seen 2 houses so far", decide later to call realtor back and see if she'll meet with us again, meet realtor again at 7:00, look at a few more houses (most of them not good), find one we really like but by now it's too late to contact the listing realtor, have to wait 'til tomorrow (think to myself, "It probably is already in the works for someone else), go to my brother-in-laws small apartment and sleep.

Next morning: wake up, get ready, leave apt., go to the absolute SLOWEST McDonald's I've ever been to for breakfast, finally decide to leave before I've even paid because it's taking so long and Vanessa has an appointment soon, drop Vanessa off at appointment, go to TOTALLY AWESOME scrapbook store, pick Vanessa up again and we're off to meet with the realtor again at 1:00, find out the one we liked the previous night is being sold already, only have a few hours to look but not pleased with what we're finding so far we decided to search again but increase our price range, have many more promising prospects, look at a few in town and find one that is a definite possibility, keep looking at the rest on our list, run out of houses in town so we start workin toward the next town outside of where we are, look at one that is VERY cute but a little high for us and still occupied (that would really slow down our quick move we need to make), look at the next house on the list, walk in and immediately feel like this is the one we want, finish looking at it and look at one more in the same subdivision just down the road, didn't like it as much so we decide to ditch the rest of our search and make an offer, offer finished at about 8:30 p.m., drive back to house for some pics and another walk around (couldn't go inside though), finally on the road at about 10:30 p.m., arrive back home at about 12:30 a.m., CRASH!

So that's the hunt and here's the house.

It's a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house with living and family rooms, a 2 car garage, and a dishwasher! We're very excited about the dishwasher. It was on the lower end of our new price range so it was closer to where we wanted it. It was one of the only ones we'd seen with the extra family room or something we could use for an office and other stuff. You don't know how many times I almost had to give up my own scrapbook space! This house will save me though! It's a newer home built in 2001. The only problems for us is that it's only one level and very minimal storage. So the 2 car garage will have one car parked in it and the other half will be storage. I still don't know how we'll fit it all!

It has a cute bay window and little covered front porch area. Hopefully soon the realtor will be sending me some pics of the inside - I was so excited about the house I forgot to get the camera and take some pics - dang it!

So that's that. We feel it was very productive for a very short and very busy 2 days. We are set to close on Friday, August 5. I start work the following Monday so it will be a VERY busy weekend!

There were some other pretty cool things I found during the trip as well. Granted, they were much more minor things but still pretty cool. During Vanessa's first appointment on Monday I went over to Michael's to try and buy a Coluzzle template that I need. They didn't have it but I found some other cool things. Many of you know that I am a foam stamp junkie! (By the way have you seen the new Heidi Swapp foam stamps? I LOVE THEM!) Anyway, I found some cute ones - not Heidi's by any means but cute. The alphies were $4.99, the words were $2.99, the large flower was 99 cents and the small one was 49 cents. If you like them too they are not located with scrapbook stuff or stamps. They are over with the stencils. Here they are.

On the second day while Vanessa was at her appt. I went to a scrapbook store to find some things I needed for a project I'm doing for her. They had some new lines of Chatterbox paper that I'd never seen before. I absolutely loved them! The ones I bought aren't exactly new but the one here is not one I've seen before and it's part of the "room" I'm already using on the project.

Yesterday morning when I went upstairs for breakfast I found two more cool things in the mail. I got this totally cool journal that I won from Donna Downey's blog.

It's even autographed!

I also found my very first tag from my tag of the month swap. This beautiful one is from Colleen. I think she did a great job with it. I'm trying to figure out where I'll use it though because we are nowhere near a beach and don't often get to one. I'll have to a little creative in how I use it.

So many cool things I found in the past couple of days it felt like a dang scavenger or treasure hunt or something!

Well my wife has been very cool while I update my blog here but my time limit is way up now! Gotta go!

p.s. Sorry it's not a very entertaining read but I'm not a very entertaining person.


Colleen 12:21 PM  

i'm so glad you like your tag! and what cool finds in the LSS.

love that house. it is so cute!! so did you put a bid? you probably said, but i can't remember.

Heather 11:49 PM  

I find real life is often more interesting than what you find on entertainment tv and the like.

Glad you found a house that will work for your family.

BTW-your baby girl is just a bit older than by baby boy, born in April. Just an interesting fact to note.

Kenny 10:23 AM  

Dude! Awesome house! Hope everything works out ok with it. I'm so proud for you guys. What a busy upcoming few weeks for you, though. Can't wait until you get settled and we can get back into a chat routine. Miss ya!