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Something Refreshingly Different

Because it seems like all I do is post about the boring and hectic moments of my life I decided to take a little break from the mundane. I'm not much of a creative writer and I'm certainly not very funny so I will take the easy way out for this post and use a formula I found at Colleen's blog. Here goes:

A is for age - just turned 27 in May.

B is for booze - none I don't drink at all.

C is for career - Right now I'm an Educational Interpreter for the Deaf. Going back to school this fall to change my career and eventually become a closed captioner.

D is for dad's name - Floyd. My children will never be named after my father.

E is for essential item to bring to a party - generally games of some sort. I don't ever go to wild parties, they tend to just be small get togethers with friends and we always play games.

F is for favorite songs at the moment - I really don't know, there's so much music I love!

G is for goof off thing to do - Read blogs, write in my blog, read mb's, play on the internet. I RARELY watch TV anymore because when I have free time I have so much to do on the internet.

H is for hometown - Pocatello, Idaho. Born in Utah but I've lived in Pocatello for most of my life.

I is for instrument you play - NONE! I attempted the clarinet in school but it quickly became obvious that I am not musically inclined!

J is for jam or jelly you like - there's this one we can occassionally find around here that is a 3 berry blend - I really like that one.

K is for kids - two, Auryn who just turned 3 and Nyah who is almost 3 months.

L is for living arrangement - married almost 5 years

M is for mom's name - Kathleen (now my daughter's middle name)

N is for names of best friends - Jeff (my all time, life-long, will-always-be, best friend of 14 yrs. now) Aaron and Jason are two other really great friends whom I love. And of course, my eternal best friend - my wife!

O is for overnight hospital stays - twice. Once after a nose surgery - only one night. The other time was after I was life-flighted to a major hospital because I was told I was dying and needed a life saving operation. After two nights in the hospital and many more tests I went home with a simple prescription.

P is for phobias - spiders. I hate those things with a blind, passionate hatred!

Q is for quote you like - "Don't walk in front of me - I may not follow, Don't walk behind me - I may not lead, Just walk beside me and be my friend."

R is for relationship that lasted the longest - My marriage to my wife of almost 5 years. I didn't really have many serious ones before that.

S is for siblings - one brother, Sam.

T is for Texas, ever been? - No. Not much of a driving desire either. If occasion rises I will go.

U is for unique trait - a male scrapbooker - what else is there to say?

V is for vegetable you love - not many. I guess corn is on the top of the list.

W is for worst traits - my wife hates how picky of an eater I am. I'm also very bold and straightforward and can sometimes hurt people's feelings without thinking. (My poor wife)

X is for X-rays you've had - more than I can count. I have regular chest x-rays and I've also had several MRI's and a CAT scan. I've had various ones on different bones in my body as well.

Y is for yummy food you make - I don't make yummy foods. (My poor wife)

Z is for zodiac sign - Taurus

I know that whole thing is kind of boring but it's either that or me doing some more ranting about moving and expensive cars (which by the way is still making the same noise I paid $1300 to have fixed.)

Good day!


Colleen 11:38 AM  

who says you aren't funny?!? that crack about floyd had me rollin!