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Like drinking from a fire hose...

I feel like my entire life has suddenly become a situation that is much like taking a drink of water from a fire hose. Here's why.

We have made the commitment to go ahead and move to Boise so we told our realtor to go ahead and publish the house in a local home seller's magazine and put it in the MLS. Well apparently she got the house in the MLS on Monday night. The calls started rolling in on Tuesday around 11:00 a.m.

By 3:00 p.m. we had received approximately 10 calls to show the house and had 5 appointments for Tuesday alone starting at 5:00. Just as we were getting ready to leave the house for a few hours so it could be shown we called our realtor to ask a question. She told us we might as well come up to her house because she had just received an offer on the house and we needed to discuss it. The official "For Sale" sign had only been in the yard for a little over an hour!

So we went up to the realtor's house. We found out that the guy who was making the offer is another realtor in town who also has many other properties he owns and manages. He was offering on the house and hadn't even seen it yet. I guess he was going on faith that it would be comparable to other homes he knew in the area. To make sure he came in strong and had precedence over others, he offered $1100 more than we were asking. His offer had a few things in it we didn't like when we read over it. While we were reading and discussing his offer another one came in! After figuring it all out the two offers came out to be within a couple of hundred dollars of cash we would walk away with. Because the first offer was from a realtor and had a strong a reliable lender we decided to keep working with that one. By 8:00 p.m. we had countered his offer, he accepted and I signed the papers!

The closing will be on June 27. That gives me almost 4 weeks to find a job, find a house, pack and move! We can't buy a house in Boise until we have a job because no one will pre approve us for a loan. We haven't had a whole lot of luck yet finding jobs so we're kind of in a bind. So now it looks like we will be packing, moving everything we don't REALLY need into storage in Boise and moving in with my in-laws until we can find a job and a house in Boise. They live an hour from us and about 2 hours from Boise (about right in the middle). My in-laws are great, they have plenty of room but I am certainly not excited about living in limbo!

On top of all the realtor calls around 2:30-3:00 my in-laws showed up at the house with a little "gift". They were delivering my wife's grandpa's car. We were originally hoping that he would give us the car (there had been talk of that) but it didn't happen. I guess he still wanted money out of it or something. So my incredibly gracious father-in-law bought the car from him and gave it to us. We are on the agreement that the car will be paid back "sometime". He has told us to not even worry about it until we get to Boise, get settled and figure out if we can start paying a monthly payment on it. At any rate, it's an interest free loan! The whole situation is more than we could have possibly hoped for. I love my in-laws!

'94 Chrysler New Yorker
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

The car is a '94 Chrysler New Yorker. It only has 56,000 miles on it and is incrdible condition! It's certainly bigger but MUCH nicer than my Geo. The wreck was certainly unfortunate and came at a bad time but I think we walked out of it in better shape than we were before!

We have been truly blessed and I must offer praise to God for it!

"...with God all things are possible." Matt. 19:26


doodlebugmom 11:24 AM  

Wow Jason...what a whirlwind sale. Congratulations!

Good luck with the move, job hunt, etc. You are incredibly lucky to have such wonderful in-laws!

The car looks nice, room for two car seats.

Linda :o)

Colleen 11:50 AM  

YIPPEE!!!!! Congrats Jason and good luck!

Dianne 11:54 AM  

Wow! Congratulations Jason. I am so happy for you that your house sold so quickly. Also congrats on the car!!! You certainly have amazing in-laws. Good luck with the job hunt and move - I just know that you will get exactly what you want...both you and your wife deserve it.

Lindsay Teague 12:34 PM  

yay new car! Congrats! :)


Bluii76 3:14 PM  

Hey there,
Wow that was an awesome sale! I'd love to see pics of your house to see why all the locals are fighting for it! We too live in a busy real estate market... we could sell our house for 25-30 % more than what we paid for it 4 yrs ago. Of course we'd have to pay 100% more to get a house only slightly larger and newer. OH well.
Nice Car for you too, Awesome of your in-laws to help you out!
Hey I'd love for you to post about your work with the deaf, I've always wanted to learn to sign, long story.
Have a happy day!

donnadowney 6:39 AM  


Anonymous 11:40 AM  

Ain't God good? In-laws, too! And, dude...what a leap of faith! I admire you, my friend! I know everything will work out well for you and your family. I can't believe the house story...what a great market you live in. That would be totally unheard of in this area. Don't forget to make a ton of pix of "Your First Home" before you leave.