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The Expensive Car

'94 Chrysler New Yorker
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

This blue beauty has now become affectionately known as the "expensive car". That's the only thing my son calls it now. Here's why:

We got the car on Tuesday and my father-in-law told us there was some noise going on with the power steering and it was leaking a bit. He figured it would stop after all the seals and everything had time to get lubed up and whatnot (the car had been sitting for about a year). Well I drove it a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday for work. Wednesday evening we piled the whole fam in for a trip to Walmart. About half way there we notice a really bad sound going on with the steering. We decide we had better have it looked at instead of just waiting for it to get better.

So my wife takes it to the shop on Thursday. They look it over and say that there is definitely a leak on the passenger side of the power steering line. He said they may be able to just fix the leak but if not they would have to replace the whole rack and pinion steering. You guessed it - the whole thing had to be replaced. So after having them fix the rack and pinion, the thermostat, and the littly hydraulic things that hold the hood up (that stuff was all broken too) the total came to a nice, pleasant $1,000.00-ish. I about DIED! We had no choice - it was already done so it had to be paid. Thank goodness for a credit card in a situation like that. Did I mention that the parts only came to a little over $400 - the rest was labor!

So we go pick it up and pay for it. The wife takes the baby home and I take my son to go get lunch for all of us - hey we already spent 1,000 bucks today what's a few more? After we pick up the food and head home I start hearing the exact same awful noise. I was ticked! As soon as I finished my lunch I took it right back to that shop and made it very clear (my kind way of saying I was quite p.o.'d) that they had not fixed what we asked them to fix. The mechanic comes out to look at it and moves the steering wheel from left to right - "I don't hear any sound - I don't know what you guys are talking about" (This is about the point I get real close to losing my temper and start spouting some not so nice things). I kept myself in check and kindly told the mechanic to get in the car and we would take a drive so he could hear what I was talking about. Five minutes later my point had been quite well proven and he had a big fat ostrich egg on his face! So we go back to the shop so he can look it over.

After several minutes I'm fed up with waiting and ask someone to go find out what is going on. I am informed that it is now the power steering pump that is the problem and was the reason for the noise. WHAT???? Why was that not noticed and taken care of before?? This is the point where I lost my temper. I had just paid these bozos $1,000 and they couldn't catch this. Their excuse was that the seals had been so broken and chewed up that they damaged the pump when they were flushed through. I told them I was very unhappy that they didn't fix the problem. The mechanic was very adamant that they had fixed something that was broken and needed replacing. Long story short, he gave me a deal on the pump and replaced a couple other things for free.

So this car that until Saturday morning had sat in the shop more than in my driveway has now cost me a pretty $1,300!!!! Thus the title, "the expensive car"

I hate cars!!

Sorry for such negative news - I have to vent somewhere. It had darn well better not give me anymore problems now.


Kenny 5:46 AM  

Don't jinx yourself, buddy! I feel for you...I know absolutely nothing about cars and am at the mercy of the mechanics. My advice for the future: always get an estimate before the work is done and get a second opinion. Hopefully the problems are taken care of and you and the fam can ride off into the sunset (Boise) with nary a problem.

Colleen 10:58 AM  

i have been there, my friend. i had an oldsmobile cutlass affectionately called the "moldsmobile" that really nickle-dimed me. way to hold your own with the mechanic!!!