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I'm on cloud nine!

So I'm feeling pretty special since yesterday afternoon. Here's the story:

While reading Donna Downey's blog I saw a post where she directly referred to a male scrapper friend of mine, Kenny. I thought that was pretty cool so I went over to the message board we are a part of and made a post saying this:

"So Donna Downey specifically addresses Kenny in her salutation to her most recent blog post. Just how does this guy rate so high on the celeb "rubbing elbows" list??

I guess I'm going to have to start posting to their blogs too so they realize there's more than one male scrapper in this world!Congrats Kenny! Donna must know and love you to salute you in a blog!

Enjoy your fame but don't forget the little people!"

Well, much to my surprise Donna actually read that post on the message board and replied by saying this:

"oh crap!!

who knew their was so much testosterone around here. Well Jason, i didn't even know that you were reading my blog....and yeah ya better post LOL!!!!

so how can i make this up to you.....hmmmm (thinking, thinking...)

read the blog tomorrow to find out!


Well, when I went to read the blog yesterday this is what I saw: (The text has been removed and replaced with an encouragement to look at Donna's blog)

The text though is not the important part. She specifically said "hi" to me in the banner of her blog. I have no idea how many people saw that yesterday but I did. AND I LOVED IT!!!!

The picture is still there but she has now removed the "hi jason". I'm glad I was able to "capture" the image for proof that it really did happen. (Thanks "Hello")

All I have to say is:



Kenny 11:54 AM  

Although I am just a teensy-weensy bit jealous, I am proud for you, my friend! Isn't she just the coolest thing?

Colleen 12:13 PM  

you rock dude!

donnadowney 2:38 PM  

whoo hoo! i made your blog too!!!

fertilepress 3:20 PM  

too funny! hey...were you at CKU Minneapolis? r.

scrappinhero 6:57 AM  

Yeah J!! too funny!!! DD is just the coolest!!!! Smiles...Jer

Cammy 7:35 AM  

donna seriously rocks! too cool :)

Tisha 8:46 AM  

cool!! I am rubbing elbows with two celebs!!! You to crack me up!! :-)

judi 1:51 AM  

I think she should send you a pen too :)