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Catching up...

So it has been an incredibly busy week!! We have made the firm decision that we ARE moving to Boise this summer. Now there is so much that we have to do to get ourselves and the house ready.

Here's a recap of my busy week.

Monday: Went to Walmart after work. When we got back from Walmart there was a message from our realtor asking if we would be okay to show the house on Tuesday afternoon. The house isn't even on the market yet! So we had to stay up until midnight cleaning and preparing the house. I guess our realtor emailed other realtors just to let them know what was coming up. Apparently some of them had clients looking for what we're selling. CRAZY!

Tuesday: Had to work that night at the store - pretty uneventful. The biggest and coolest thing was the salute from Donna on her blog.

Wednesday: Taught my class that evening at the store. It went well but we went about an hour over the time I had alotted. It was fun though. When I got home I found out that my poor son had had a nosebleed earlier in the evening. This was no common nosebleed. It bled strong and steady for a half hour. My wife got it cleared up and he was okay. We put him to bed and then about midnight (right after we finally got our daughter to sleep) he woke up screaming something about water. When I went in he had blood all over his face and bed. Another serious bleeder lasting at least half an hour! He was so upset that he didn't really want to go back to sleep. I told my wife to back to bed and I stayed up with him. After finally getting him back to sleep I went to bed. He woke up again at 3:00 and I had to sleep in his room on the floor to keep him settled down. Poor little guy!

Thursday: Took the day off of work because I was so tired and I figured we'd have to take my son to the doctor. The nose pretty much stopped bleeding so we didn't go to the doctor. My mom spent the day with me helping me take care of the kids. I had a doctor appointment in the afternoon. After the appointment, on the way home, I hit another car with my little Geo and pretty much destroyed the little sucker! I'm really kind of upset over the whole thing because we certainly can't afford the problems associated with a car accident and no car in the middle of trying to move the family to another city. I could fix the car but it would cost more than the car is worth. Nerves were shot the rest of the day! Watched the Apprentice finale and was shocked to see Trump pick Kendra over Tana. Tana really screwed herself with the last task!

Friday: Because of all the blood now clotting in my son's nose the mucus can't come out of it so it is making its way out of his eyes. Poor guy woke up with his eyes sealed shut. Still steaming at myself over the car and trying to figure out what we're going to do. Mowed the lawn after work and only got finished in the nick of time before a HUGE thunderstorm hit. Didn't have time to clean up all the grass and other stuff. Spent the rest of the evening preparing the house to be shown again on Saturday and cutting paper for my class on Saturday.

Saturday: Spent the whole morning cleaning up the yard and trying to stay out of the way as the house was shown not once (like we had expected) but twice! Finally finished the yard and then had to finish preparing everything for my class. Got that done just in enough time to get to the store and set up. The class was great! One of my students from Wednesday night took her project to work the next day and three of her co-workers took my Saturday class. They were totally beginner scrapbookers so it was a lot of fun! I really did enjoy it! My wife talked to her parents and told them about the accident. My mother-in-law told us that my wife's grandpa is planning to get rid of his car because he's too old to drive anymore. He was planning to give it to a dealership and let them sell it (he doesn't care about the money). My in-laws are going to see if he will just give it to us instead - that would be so nice!

Sunday: After doing some church related things I spent the whole day with my family. I made two "Thank You" cards and one generic card so I felt really productive after that.

Now here we are on Monday. I hope this week goes better.

Remember this quote from a previous post?? I'm trying really hard to keep it in mind!

"Under the storm and the cloud today,and today the hard peril and pain - tomorrow the stone shall be rolled away, for the sunshine shall follow the rain."
-Joaquin Miller (1839-1913) American Poet


Colleen 12:13 PM  

what a week!! i hope this week is better and good luck on the car!

BLoNotJLo 12:52 PM  

Hang in there, dude! It will get better. Love the quote. I have added it to my desk for inspiration this week. I mentioned you in my blog since I found the birth month quiz thru you. I found you thru Donna. Best, BLo

doodlebugmom 12:42 PM  


Glad you weren't hurt in the car accident! Cars can be replaced. Glad your safe.

Linda :o)