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Advice from Ali Edwards...

DISCLAIMER: I hope I am in no way committing copyright infringement in doing this or upsetting anyone either.

I was reading on Cathy Zielskie's blog this morning about her "Art Journal Challenge". I went to leave a comment and came across these words from Ali Edwards:

" is what I have to say to you my dear friend...MAKE IT YOUR OWN. Embrace those lines and make it how YOU want rules. No judging. You rock at what YOU do that."

I absolutely needed that advice for myself. Working in a scrapbook store where I see sooo many fabulous pages and GREAT work I often get caught up in the "man I wish I could do that" frame of mind. I spend too much time wishing I could do work that doesn't come naturally to me or be the scrapper that I'm not.

So here I am committing to myself that I will "make it my own" and not try to be something I'm not. I also commit to not scrap for the intention of being recognized or published. I will still submit if something fits but that can not and will not be my goal for scrapping. If along the way recognition or publication happens - then so be it. If not, then I will be happy with the "art" that I have created and the legacy I will leave.

I promise.


Dianne 10:34 AM  

Hey there Jason!
Just wanted to let you know that you and Cathy are definately NOT the only scrappers out there that "wish they could do that" !! We all need reminders like this from Ali now and then to follow and create what we feel comfortable with. I have the same problem as you - I also work in a lss, and I also see other ppl's work and "wish I could do that", but I have kinda made peace with my style and scrap what makes me happy - the way I want to. You rock Jason..and your pages etc are stunning - dont feel intimidated and as Ali said "Make it your own!"


Colleen 11:19 AM  

jason, i look at your stuff on two peas and think "i wish i could do that". i think it is natural for everyone, and i think you have a great philosophy about it. very enlightening and something i should do myself!

Kenny 1:03 PM  

You got it, brother! Relax and scrap!