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27 Candles....

So here I am 27! My dear wife knows I don't like traditional cake and ice cream so she bought me a cheesecake instead. It was VERY good!

Big windbag!

Here I am with my beautiful daughter in my arms as I blow out my 27 candles.

The day was pretty typical and uneventful. I usually don't like to make much out of my birthdays anyway. I had to work all day at the school district and then I just spent the evening with my family. We attempted to watch "National Treasure" which my mom had bought me. It didn't work so well with kids baths and other stuff we had to get done.

My wife bought me a new shirt, some dress slacks, a Monopoly game for my collection and a jump drive. I didn't get anything scrapbook related which kind of surprised me but I'm okay with it. My jump drive will certainly be used for scrapbooking often enough.

The day was very nice. Thank you to all you dear friends who send kind wishes!

"Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things." ~Author Unknown


Colleen 12:52 PM  

that is a great picture of your cake! very cool

doodlebugmom 8:35 AM  

Hey Jason

Sounds like you had a great Birthday! AND cheesecake! Lucky, lucky man! 27...oh to be 27 again! I am 40. (Yikes, when did that happen???) Enjoy all your days and your beautiful family, its amazing how the time slips by so quickly!(believe me)

doodlebugmom 8:35 AM  

oh i forgot to sign my name in the above post

Linda :o)

GrandDad W 8:48 PM  

Title suggested by Anna Pederson of Houston Texas
House rules for a family friendly Opoly type game
Genoply is played on a regular Monopoly board with some additional materials and some change in rules. If a family enjoys a game of Monopoly they won't go back after playing a game of Genopoly. The game can be played to 30, 60 or 100 fold dynasty members.

Additional game materials
1. Family sheets. These can be as simple as the Exibition #1 example provided or could be larger to included names of children, occupations, house plans etc. It's best to have four different colors of paper; one color for each of four cyclic generations.
2. Lists of names. You will need a source of male, female and surnames that can be picked at random. Don't use your own name or of those you know. You will be playing the part of an extended family dynasty.
3. Additional Monopoly money. This is available at a game store by the pack or from your old Monopoly set. This would only be needed if more than six people are playing.

Some changes in rules of play
1. You do not have to have a monopoly of one color to build shelters. Shelters can be build right away and rents are the same.
2. There is no more Jail. The Jail is now on Orphanage. Each time you visit the Orphanage or land in the Orphanage or draw a get out of Orphanage free card, you may adopt a boy or a girl.
3. If you draw the twins card you may add twins to your family sheet. Gender is your choise.
4. If you should pass Go for what ever reason without children on you family sheet you must retire your playing piece and turn in all property and money to the bank. Your playing piece may be put into play later.

Procedure of Play of Genopoly
1. In addition to the regular start of the game, give each founding dynasty, a family sheet. The King of England granted Puritan Townships to a group of ten to twelve founding families. With the right supplies that would be the upper limits of number of
2. On the first roll of the dice from Go, select the names of the Husband and Wife and enter them on the family sheet.
3. On any roll from the second side of the board enter the number of children as shown on the dice. The number of each gender is your choice. A roll of a 3 and 4 could be 3 boys and 4 girls or 4 girls and 3 boys.
4. As a playing piece passes Go, it is ready for a new generation and waits until the other playing pieces past Go to set up for the next generation of play. The Estate of the waiting playing piece can still collect rents but can not help another player with a cash rescue.
5. Shelter for each generation progresses from Tent to Palace. See Exibit #2. At the reset of the generation all green sheltors are removed and all red sheltors are replace with a green sheltor.
6. Seating for each preceding generation of play is in the order of who went past Go first, second etc. The first one out will have more decendants remain in the Township than the second etc. See Exibit #3 for seating assignment. The first will be last in the preceding generation of play and the fourth or last will be the first one to play in the next generation of play.
7. Money is laid out for the next generation of play. Each preceding generation gets $200 less per generation. Money and properties are divided between the decendants of the next generation. Marriages are made for all the players that are seated. If marriages can not be made with the first dynasties that went past Go, then that players money and properties are returned to the Bank and the playing piece must come back as a stranger without inheritance.
8. If at anytime a player can not pay his rent at the cost of bankrupcy, he can appeal first to a family member and second to someone in his own generation (color of family sheet) for a nonrefundable rescue bailout.
9. I'm sure there will be questions so call or email me, Carl Wade at (425) 883-2482 and

Exibition #1
Example Family Sheet
Tent Joseph Anderson
Susan Jackson
1 boy 3 girls
Hut Robert Anderson
Sandra White
1 boy 2 girls
Cabin Eric Anderson
Brenda Roberts
1 boy 3 girls
Cottage Gregory Anderson
Kathleen Parker
2 boys 5 Girls
House Roger Anderson
Catherine Bailey
6 boys 4 girls
Mansion Douglas Anderson
Frances Murphy
orphan boy
2 boys 4 girls
Castle Keith Anderson
Cheryl James
orphan boy
1 boy 3 girls
Palace Billy Anderson
Kathy Perry

Exibition #2
Generation Green Shelter Red Sheltor Color of Family Sheet Cash at Set up
One Tent Hut White $1500
Two Hut Cabin Yellow $1300
Three Cabin Cottage Green $1100
Four Cottage House Gold $900
Five House Mansion White $700
Six Mansion Castle Yellow $500
Seven Castle Palace Green $300
Eight Palace not used Gold $100

Exibition #3
Seating of second and preceding generations
First to Go, Last to start next time. Last to Go, First to start next time.
Number of players First to Go Second to Go Third to Go Fourth to Go
Two One heir One heir
Three Two heirs One heir
Four Two heirs One heir One heir Marry an heir
Five Three heirs One heir One heir Marry an heir
Six Three heirs Two heirs One heir Marry an heir
Seven Four heirs Two heirs One heir Marry an heir
Eight Four heirs Three heirs One heir Marry an heir
Nine Four heirs Three heirs Two heirs Marry an heir
Ten Four heirs Three heirs Two heirs One heir
Eleven Five heirs Three heirs Two heirs One heir
Twelve Five heirs Four heirs Two heirs One heir