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The Rolling Memorial

I don't know how many of you have seen this. I got an email about this truck that is called "The Rolling Memorial". Instead of trying to post all of the pictures from it in my blog I figured I would just find a link and give that to you.

Check it out. I think it is so cool to see someone do something like this to truly honor those who died and not have it all wrapped up in politics and bureaucracy. He seems to simply be doing this to honor those who perished.

I have not been paid at all to endorse this site or the individual. Enjoy!

"Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed - else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die."
~Dwight D. Eisenhower

Catching up...

So it has been an incredibly busy week!! We have made the firm decision that we ARE moving to Boise this summer. Now there is so much that we have to do to get ourselves and the house ready.

Here's a recap of my busy week.

Monday: Went to Walmart after work. When we got back from Walmart there was a message from our realtor asking if we would be okay to show the house on Tuesday afternoon. The house isn't even on the market yet! So we had to stay up until midnight cleaning and preparing the house. I guess our realtor emailed other realtors just to let them know what was coming up. Apparently some of them had clients looking for what we're selling. CRAZY!

Tuesday: Had to work that night at the store - pretty uneventful. The biggest and coolest thing was the salute from Donna on her blog.

Wednesday: Taught my class that evening at the store. It went well but we went about an hour over the time I had alotted. It was fun though. When I got home I found out that my poor son had had a nosebleed earlier in the evening. This was no common nosebleed. It bled strong and steady for a half hour. My wife got it cleared up and he was okay. We put him to bed and then about midnight (right after we finally got our daughter to sleep) he woke up screaming something about water. When I went in he had blood all over his face and bed. Another serious bleeder lasting at least half an hour! He was so upset that he didn't really want to go back to sleep. I told my wife to back to bed and I stayed up with him. After finally getting him back to sleep I went to bed. He woke up again at 3:00 and I had to sleep in his room on the floor to keep him settled down. Poor little guy!

Thursday: Took the day off of work because I was so tired and I figured we'd have to take my son to the doctor. The nose pretty much stopped bleeding so we didn't go to the doctor. My mom spent the day with me helping me take care of the kids. I had a doctor appointment in the afternoon. After the appointment, on the way home, I hit another car with my little Geo and pretty much destroyed the little sucker! I'm really kind of upset over the whole thing because we certainly can't afford the problems associated with a car accident and no car in the middle of trying to move the family to another city. I could fix the car but it would cost more than the car is worth. Nerves were shot the rest of the day! Watched the Apprentice finale and was shocked to see Trump pick Kendra over Tana. Tana really screwed herself with the last task!

Friday: Because of all the blood now clotting in my son's nose the mucus can't come out of it so it is making its way out of his eyes. Poor guy woke up with his eyes sealed shut. Still steaming at myself over the car and trying to figure out what we're going to do. Mowed the lawn after work and only got finished in the nick of time before a HUGE thunderstorm hit. Didn't have time to clean up all the grass and other stuff. Spent the rest of the evening preparing the house to be shown again on Saturday and cutting paper for my class on Saturday.

Saturday: Spent the whole morning cleaning up the yard and trying to stay out of the way as the house was shown not once (like we had expected) but twice! Finally finished the yard and then had to finish preparing everything for my class. Got that done just in enough time to get to the store and set up. The class was great! One of my students from Wednesday night took her project to work the next day and three of her co-workers took my Saturday class. They were totally beginner scrapbookers so it was a lot of fun! I really did enjoy it! My wife talked to her parents and told them about the accident. My mother-in-law told us that my wife's grandpa is planning to get rid of his car because he's too old to drive anymore. He was planning to give it to a dealership and let them sell it (he doesn't care about the money). My in-laws are going to see if he will just give it to us instead - that would be so nice!

Sunday: After doing some church related things I spent the whole day with my family. I made two "Thank You" cards and one generic card so I felt really productive after that.

Now here we are on Monday. I hope this week goes better.

Remember this quote from a previous post?? I'm trying really hard to keep it in mind!

"Under the storm and the cloud today,and today the hard peril and pain - tomorrow the stone shall be rolled away, for the sunshine shall follow the rain."
-Joaquin Miller (1839-1913) American Poet

I'm on cloud nine!

So I'm feeling pretty special since yesterday afternoon. Here's the story:

While reading Donna Downey's blog I saw a post where she directly referred to a male scrapper friend of mine, Kenny. I thought that was pretty cool so I went over to the message board we are a part of and made a post saying this:

"So Donna Downey specifically addresses Kenny in her salutation to her most recent blog post. Just how does this guy rate so high on the celeb "rubbing elbows" list??

I guess I'm going to have to start posting to their blogs too so they realize there's more than one male scrapper in this world!Congrats Kenny! Donna must know and love you to salute you in a blog!

Enjoy your fame but don't forget the little people!"

Well, much to my surprise Donna actually read that post on the message board and replied by saying this:

"oh crap!!

who knew their was so much testosterone around here. Well Jason, i didn't even know that you were reading my blog....and yeah ya better post LOL!!!!

so how can i make this up to you.....hmmmm (thinking, thinking...)

read the blog tomorrow to find out!


Well, when I went to read the blog yesterday this is what I saw: (The text has been removed and replaced with an encouragement to look at Donna's blog)

The text though is not the important part. She specifically said "hi" to me in the banner of her blog. I have no idea how many people saw that yesterday but I did. AND I LOVED IT!!!!

The picture is still there but she has now removed the "hi jason". I'm glad I was able to "capture" the image for proof that it really did happen. (Thanks "Hello")

All I have to say is:


Advice from Ali Edwards...

DISCLAIMER: I hope I am in no way committing copyright infringement in doing this or upsetting anyone either.

I was reading on Cathy Zielskie's blog this morning about her "Art Journal Challenge". I went to leave a comment and came across these words from Ali Edwards:

" is what I have to say to you my dear friend...MAKE IT YOUR OWN. Embrace those lines and make it how YOU want rules. No judging. You rock at what YOU do that."

I absolutely needed that advice for myself. Working in a scrapbook store where I see sooo many fabulous pages and GREAT work I often get caught up in the "man I wish I could do that" frame of mind. I spend too much time wishing I could do work that doesn't come naturally to me or be the scrapper that I'm not.

So here I am committing to myself that I will "make it my own" and not try to be something I'm not. I also commit to not scrap for the intention of being recognized or published. I will still submit if something fits but that can not and will not be my goal for scrapping. If along the way recognition or publication happens - then so be it. If not, then I will be happy with the "art" that I have created and the legacy I will leave.

I promise.

27 Candles....

So here I am 27! My dear wife knows I don't like traditional cake and ice cream so she bought me a cheesecake instead. It was VERY good!

Big windbag!

Here I am with my beautiful daughter in my arms as I blow out my 27 candles.

The day was pretty typical and uneventful. I usually don't like to make much out of my birthdays anyway. I had to work all day at the school district and then I just spent the evening with my family. We attempted to watch "National Treasure" which my mom had bought me. It didn't work so well with kids baths and other stuff we had to get done.

My wife bought me a new shirt, some dress slacks, a Monopoly game for my collection and a jump drive. I didn't get anything scrapbook related which kind of surprised me but I'm okay with it. My jump drive will certainly be used for scrapbooking often enough.

The day was very nice. Thank you to all you dear friends who send kind wishes!

"Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things." ~Author Unknown

Some interesting birthday stuff...

You Will Die at Age 76


You're pretty average when it comes to how you live...

And how you'll die as well.

I'm pretty certain I'll be dead before 76. I'm a constant worrier and this quiz aked nothing about pre-existing medical conditions. Unless I have a major operation sometime in my life the life expectancy for those with my condition is not past 70.

You Are 23 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

So 23 huh?? I guess it's nice to know that I'm a little younger at heart than I am on the face!

Your True Birth Month Is January




Easily jealous

Loves children

Rather reserved

Highly attentive

Likes to criticize

Needs close friends

Ambitious and serious

Smart, neat and organized

Hardworking and productive

Loves to teach and be taught

Quiet unless excited or tensed

Sensitive and has deep thoughts

Knows how to make others happy

Searches for the greatest romance

Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds

Romantic but has difficulties expressing love

Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses

So then why did God decide on May?? I was actually due on April 14th. I was almost a full month late! This January description certainly seems to fit me though. I wonder what the description is for May??

You are 73% Taurus

So I thought I would be closer than that to my actual Zodiac sign. Most of the questions seemed to fit my personality. I answered a lot more trues than falses.

So there's some interesting facts about me and things that relate to my birthday.

Another year older...

Do I look 27?

My birthday is tomorrow and as I stood looking in a full length mirror today I thought to myself "Do I really look like I'm 27?" For so long in my life people have always thought that I am older than my actual age. I often feel like I don't even look close to my age. (I certainly feel my age though). My wife's brother is only two months older than I am and I always have a difficult time remembering that we're so close. He looks and seems so much older than me. I certainly don't mind my age and I'm not complaining about being 27. I just find it difficult to believe that I actually am. So often I still feel like I look like the gangly and lanky kid I was in high school. Even though I weigh considerably more now than I did when I was in high school it's just hard for me to get that mental image of myself to change to something older and different. It's certainly been interesting for me to reflect on my feelings about this recently.

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip."
~Author Unknown

Just a thought...

p.s. Sorry for the bad picture you have to look at but I wanted something that was VERY recent so I did remote shot with my digi cam.

Busy this week...

I won't be posting much this week on the blog or on any of my mb's I play on. I only get my "prep" hour (aka "computer time") on Tues and Thurs this week. I also have to spend a lot of time fixing my resume and doing some job hunting. I have to change my oil in both cars this week, I work Thursday evening and all day Saturday, and my birthday is Tuesday. So.... not seeing much computer time in my upcoming week.

I hope you all have a fabulous week!

And just a thought....

"Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not."
—Oprah Winfrey

(Who doesn't love Oprah????)

Cities best for me...

American Cities That Best Fit You:

80% Austin
75% Las Vegas
75% Miami
70% Denver
65% Atlanta

I don't know if I agree with this. I've never given thought to living in Austin, Vegas or Atlanta. I even said that I wanted a city in the west - Atlanta is NOT in the west


Extremely tired! I have not gone to bed before midnight for 3 nights in a row. I only have myself to blame.

I just interpreted an hour and a half anatomy and physiology lecture so now my brain is just as tired as the rest of me.

I have to attempt to mow my lawn which is now over my ankles after work. But only if it doesn't start raining for the 4th day in a row as soon as I get off work.

The Mother's Day gift I had planned for my mom won't be finished in time and the ones I have for my wife are totally lame!

I can't wait to see who gets fired in the first half hour of The Apprentice!

Hope you have a good day!


A Name and a Blessing

Little White Dress

In our faith we give a child a name and a blessing. This can be compared to a christening in other faiths. I had the privelege of giving my daughter her name and blessing yesterday, May 1st. My mom bought this dress for her before she was born to be worn on this day. I think it's a beautiful dress and she was so pretty in it!

We spent the afternoon with friends and family who were involved in the blessing. It was a very pleasant afternoon and I feel so blessed to have had this occasion and opportunity!

Thanks for letting me share.