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The sunshine follows the rain

Under the storm and the cloud today,
and today the hard peril and pain -
tomorrow the stone shall be rolled away,
for the sunshine shall follow the rain.
-Joaquin Miller (1839-1913)
American Poet

The sunshine does indeed follow the rain. Not only metaphorically but literally as well.
Yesterday while I was doing some work at the scrapbook store I began to hear strange noises outside. No sooner had I realized those noises were thunder than there was a torrential downpour outside the window. The rain came hard, fast and unexpected. It lasted quite forcefully for 15 or 20 minutes and then let up a bit but continued to gently rain the rest of the night. Today is a bright and sunny (although a little chilly) day. The sunshine does indeed follow the rain.

I can't say that life has been "cloudy" or "rainy" for me at all lately. But there have been a fair share of times that "life" (as it is) has hit rather hard, fast and unexpected. There are times when the warning thunders of life proceed the storms of it but just as many times that the storm hits with no warning. Often these storms have seemed to last for only a short time and then they gently give way to the warming light of the sun. So to you I say, the sunshine does indeed follow the rain.

Be Happy!

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