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A Few Changes...

I made a few changes. Variety in life is a good thing.


So Much for More Time huh?

So now that it's been more than a month since I last updated my blog, you might be wondering what happened to all that extra time I was going to be getting. Well, I did get it but it just so happened to start right before the busy holiday and I still haven't really had any extra time to breathe. It has been good though. I get to be home in the evenings with my family a lot more now and I have really enjoyed that. The problem is just that the evenings have been full of other things needing to be done. I obviously haven't had much time for blogging and I certainly haven't had much time for scrapping. I am seriously missing my scrap room lately. I walk in every once in a while just to stare around and enjoy it for a minute.

Am I too optimistic to hope that after the holidays I will have a little more time in the evenings to do the things I want to do instead of all of the stuff that has to be done? I seriously miss reading blogs and writing in mine. I do still occasionally get to read blogs but it comes in little snippets of time and I usually don't ever have time to leave comments.

Scrapping is what I really miss though. My daughter is now 9 months old and I only have 3 pages done for her book. That is really pathetic! I always told myself I wouldn't allow my second child to have less pictures than the first one and all that jazz. Yeah, well, life kind of gets in the way sometimes. The poor girl just happened to be born right before we move and dad goes back to school. We've still been taking a lot of pictures but they just don't get printed or scrapped right now.

Enough of what's not happening. So here' s what is happening. Nyah has been crawling now for about a month or so. She's standing up everytime she can find something to lean against. There's even been a time or two when we've seen her let go and stand on her own for a few seconds. We're assuming it won't be long before she's walking. She's getting plenty of teeth and she eats like there's no tomorrow.

Auryn is the same as usual. Full of attitude one minute and totally sweet the next. I guess that's a typical three year old huh? He's so smart and he does very well with letters and numbers. He's learning how to read small words, write letters, and do basic math. He loves to learn new things!

We are all excited right now for Christmas. My mom is coming to spend a little over a week with us during the holiday. My work schedule worked out so that I will have 5 straight days to be home with her while I'm on holiday break from school. It will be very nice.

School is going well but it keeps me busy. I start a new class in January that focuses on legal terminology. I'm expecting this class to require a lot more of my time for homework and study than the English class I just finished required of me. I'm not looking forward to that.

My wife is supportive as ever and is Super-stellar Mom. There's no way I could get through any of this without her. How did I ever get so lucky?

Thank you again for supporting me and checking by periodically. I really am hoping to be posting more often soon. Maybe with a little luck I'll even be able to start posting on message boards again too!

Thanks again!


A Little More Time??

I may finally be having a little more time in my schedule. Things seem to be finally working out for me to be with my family a little more and have a little more time for schoolwork.

There just didn't end up being the possibility for us to have me quit so we started looking into the possibility for me to go down to part time. I put in a request and my supervisor and her supervisor both approved it. Unfortunately, I found out that the center manager had put a freeze on all changes to part time. I was quite upset and told my supervisor I would have to quit. She pleaded for me to give it a little time and stay if possible but also mentioned she understood my situation. She said it would probably be near the end of December before the freeze would be lifted.

I had to have some concrete information so I could make a decision to stay or go. So I decided to go directly to the source and ask the center manager how long it may take to have the schedule approved. She gave me her reasons and listened to mine. She said she understood and said she would check with scheduling to see what could be done. She said she wouldn't be able to bump my request up ahead of anyone else'sbut she would check to see what the timeframe would be. That was Friday before last. She said she would get back to me the next week. I hadn't heard from her by the Thursday so I followed up with her. An hour later she delivered me a message that my new schedule would start on November 28th. I was shocked!

I had only anticipated to find out what the time frame would be - not to actually have the schedule approved!! She says she didn't really do anything and that the head of scheduling was already working on it for me. I don't really believe that because of my previous experiences with him. But that doesn't matter to me. I am so excited!!

So my new schedule will give me a total of 5 nights a week home with my family. I will work Mondays from 2 to 9, Tuesday from 2 to 6, Wednesday and Thursday I will be off, Friday from 2 to 9, and Saturday from 8 to 5. Though I'm still working four days a week I get to have an earlier shift on Saturdays now and I leave work earlier on Tuesdays. That gives me three whole days off of work and two other nights that I get to be home in time to have dinner with my family and put the kids to bed. It will also allow me to have more time to keep caught up on my schoolwork and still be home on my nights off in time to enjoy some time with my family.

Unfortunately, to make it all work, we will have to take some more money in student loans to supplement our income. We both feel it is worth it however to help me stay on track to finish school on time and be able to be with the family more.

So, I'm excited. Thankfully it's all in time for me to be able to be with the family more during the Holidays. Hopefully I'll have a little more time for scrapping and blogging as well somewhere in the schedule. We'll have to see.

Thank you all for your support and encouraging words. What would my world be without my friends and family??

Thank you!


A Day In My Life.

Once again, I apologize for the lack of material on this blog. Things have been just as busy as I had expected they would be. Even my days off have been filled with catching up with those family and house things that don't get done on any other day.

School is good though. I really do love it! It is quite intimidating and scary to think that at some point I have to get up to 225 words per minute when right now I'm working at 30 and having to stop the tape sometimes. It also gets intimidating when we talk to students who've been there for 2 or more years and they've still not graduated. I'm working very hard to keep my head above water with school and doing okay so far. This week I add a new book to my repertoire of lessons that I'm sure will start causing me to fall behind. Vanessa and I are talking about our options for me to cut down to part time with work or to quit all together. I must say I'm quite excited about the possibility of quitting but in order for it to happen we would have to take additional student loans to supplement Vanessa's income. I'm NOT excited about how far in debt we would be by the time I finish.

Here's what we're asking ourselves though. Is it worth it to us to be more in debt up front? If I fall behind, which at my current rate - it is guaranteed, I will be in school loner. The least amount I will ever pay for a semester of school is $5,000. If school takes me 5 years instead of 2 1/2 years then I will have at least $45,000 in student loans plus the 5 years in school. That means I have to work at a job I don't really like for 2 1/2 yrs. longer and my wife has to work 2 1/2 years longer instead of get to stay home with the kids. On the other hand I could quit and take about $800-$1000 additional each month in loans and have a better chance of getting the program done on time. That means I get into my field earlier and Vanessa gets to start staing home with the kids sooner. I have a hard time stomaching the idea of being that much more in debt though. Each month taking money that will put me further in debt instead of working to make money for my family. I'm pretty torn right now.

So, since I really don't like my job much, I'm not going to include any pictures or detailed information here about it.

Here's some pictures and information about what I do with school though.

This is a rough idea of the machine I work on currently. Mine is just about as old as this but is yellow in color. It is one I'm renting from the school for now. After about six months I will probably buy my own machine which is much newer and much nicer. It will cost me about $1500.00 though.

This is what the keyboard looks like. With a steno machine it is not about words but about strokes. The keyboard is divided into the initial (left) side and final (right) side. With keys representing sounds of the english language more than words, every word of the english language language can be stroked on this keyboard. It is compared more to playing a piano than anything. I stroke combinations of keys simultaneously to create words or syllable of words much like a pianist depresses keys on the piano to create chords.

This is an idea of what my notes would look like. They are printed on paper that is about 2 inches wide with each stroke appearing on a seperate line. Sometimes one line can have an entire phrase or it can have only one syllable of a word - it depends.
These notes here are way too small to actually read but if you're intereted in seeing them in their full size visit this website:

Basically it is like learning an entirely new language again. There is a complex theory with rules that govern every stroke I make. The woman who invented must be a genius! Here is a link to the site for my theory.

So that's a little of what I do right now. Like I said before, it is VERY difficult and demanding but I am loving it so far.

Thanks again, to everyone for being patient with me and being so supportive!


Just to say hi

I thought I would take a few seconds just to say hi to everyone. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth but my schedule is much busier than I had even anticipated. I'm very tired!

I'm considering cutting an hour off the end of each of my shifts at work just to try and establish some sense of normalcy with my life and my family. I seriously don't see my children anymore. They are generally asleep when I leave and in bed again when I get home. Friday morning before I left for work my daughter woke up and that was the first time I'd seen her in 2 days! I can't handle that!

It may take a while because work is incredibly slow getting schedules changed but I have to try and figure something out.

Thank you all for your kindness and support. I'm hoping soon to post some pics of what my daily life entails now - no promises though.

Take care!


Cruisin' Right Along at Top Speed

So just a quick note before work starts.

Life is busy! I have completed my training so for all of this week and next week I'm working 12 to 9. On the 27th I start school. School is from 8 to 1:15 and then work is from 2 to 9. I'm planning to leave the house at 7 and I get home around 9:30.

Right now before school starts I get up with the kids in the morning and try to get them and myself ready and out the door by 10:30. Let me just say I have no earthly idea how women do it all so well and don't go crazy! God bless the women in the world!

Work is okay. It's work. I'm trying to find a way to be okay coming to work everyday and not hate my job. I NEVER wanted to work in a call center but here I am and I have to stick it out because it is the most flexible thing I could find for my school schedule.

Thank you to the bloggers in my life! It really helps keep me going to take a few minutes everyday to just read what is happening in friends' lives. Thank you all so much!

Planning a little bit of scrap activity this weekend. I actually haven't been able to do much real scrapping lately. I seem to think that I need to do all these other little projects that are outside of the album. So this weekend is two paint cans. One as a "thank you" to a co-worker and another for my desk at work. Last week I did a cd of my son and a file folder of my daughter both to put in my cubicle at work. I try to sneak at least one tiny little session a week to try and relieve a little stress.

My wife is planning to be a slave driver on Saturday though. I only have tomorrow and one more Saturday before I start working every Saturday. She wants some yard work and the garage done ASAP. So I'm just glad we have a standard that we don't do housework or yardwork on Sundays - that's my scrap time!

Well, gotta go get on the phones!

"Thanks for calling, this is Jason. How can I help?"

(Repeat 50+ times)

Take care all!


5 Little Known Facts

So, as promised, I need to list 5 little known facts about myself. I had planned to do this last week but it just didn't really seem like the right time with all of the tragedy and hard times several of my friends were facing. Anyway, here goes...

1. I don't eat chocolate, ice cream, cake, licorice, gum or hot dogs very often at all. I'm certainly not a fan of any of the above. I also don't like tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, beans (of any kind), sour cream, milk and many, many other things.

2. I'm extremely anal about some things. My closet...All of my hangers HAVE to be white - no other color. All of my shirts have to face the same direction and be separated by the kind of shirt. Most of my shoes, on the other hand, are simply thrown in a basket at the bottom of the closet.

3. I swear I must have the world's smallest bladder. I can seriously go to the bathroom 2 or more times an hour. There was one time I was watching a movie with my wife and sil and seriously went to the bathroom more than six times during a two hour movie. It's quite pathetic!

4. I was a horrible baby to my mother when she was pregnant. I was due on April 14th and born on May 10th. I was 23 inches long. After 36 hours of labor the doctors finally decided I wasn't coming on my own and decided to do a c-section. My mom and I both almost died. She also had sneezed at some point late in the pregnancy, I flew forward and broke some ribs. They couldn't set or fix the ribs because she was pregnant and so large.

5. I was born with my pinkie finger stuck in my right ear lobe. So it looks like my right ear is pierced but never has been. My left ear on the other hand was done by choice (at a very foolish age) and is not used anymore.

So there you have it.

So my mom and my aunt are here visiting us for the weekend. My aunt told me that she reads my blog to keep up on how we are doing and what we are doing. She also told me that I am far too whiney on my blog. So, after I finish the cheese with my whine I promise to do better and not be quite so whiney and complaining on my blog.

But then again, promises are like rules - made to be broken!


I've been tagged

My good friend Colleen tagged me for the most recent thing going around our world of blogs. I don't have time this morning Colleen but I will get my list put together and posted asap.

Thanks to you my friends for your encouraging support - I appreciate it!

God bless and keep those now in the wake of Katrina (the skank).



platitudinous: lack of originality, triteness, boring

Ever think that one word could so accurately sum up an entire blog? I must apologize to the crowd of approximately three people who stop by here. I don't write to please the crowds but I know when I enjoy reading a blog and when I don't. This would most certainly be a blog that I would not enjoy reading.

I know that I get frustrated when the blogs that I enjoy reading are not updated regularly. This thing has been very poorly updated recently and for that I must apologize.

I also had more of an intention to include photos of a general variety as well as pictures of some of my work on a regular basis. That just simply hasn't happened because photos seem to take so darn long to get on the blog and I haven't had any time to create anything lately to put on the blog.

I just found out this weekend that my time will probably be getting cut even shorter. The job my wife is working at starts at 7:15 so she will have to leave before me. That puts me having to drop the kids off in the mornings before I go to work. Which means that now I have to get up earlier which means that I have to go to bed earlier every night so I can get up on time. So now I'm sure I will work all day, come home, eat, put kids to bed and then go to bed myself. Instead of having a few moments in the evening to try and do some projects before I have to be to bed, I will now have to go to bed much earlier.

Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill again (who me?). Maybe once we get into a routine it won't be so bad - I don't know. All I do know is that I'm certainly going to be missing the schedule I had working for the school district in Pocatello where I got to be home every evening after 3:30 and had plenty of time to do things I wanted to. By the way, who starts school at the awful hour of 7:15 anyway?? ( my wife will be working for the school district) The school system in Pocatello started at 8:30.

Anyway, so to the three of you who may read this in the next couple of days - I apologize. I don't foresee any time in the near future being alotted for me to update more regularly or to include more fun things on this blog - I just don't have the time.

Thanks for being faithful though - much appreciated!

Sorry for the delay

I only have a few minutes to post so I thought I'd write a quick hello and a promise to do more later.

You may notice that the text is now in black. I got my laptop last week. I received it several days before Dell had told me it would ship. I was very excited! There's been a few confusions I think though with what I ordered and what I got so I will be spending some time on the phone with Dell here pretty soon.

I started my new job last Monday. It's been okay so far. We have a 5 week training to help us learn all about Wells Fargo, their products, their systems and all that other jazz. So, only 4 weeks left now!!

The one thing I have absolutely hated so far though is the stinkin' commute! I come from a city where traffic is not that bad. I can get anywhere I want to go in about 15 minutes max! Now it takes me about 15 minutes to get from my house to the interstate and then at least another 1/2 hour to get to work once I'm on the freeway. That is on a good day though. I have never had to sit in stop-and-go traffic on a daily basis. It's driving me insane!!! What would be a half hour drive easily becomes 45 minutes to an hour. I leave my house every morning at 7:00 so I can make sure I'm at work at 8:30. This has been a huge adjustment!

Now with the ridiculous price of gas I'm just more flaming ticked off about the whole situation! This is going to cost be a bloody fortune to commute like this in stop and go traffic five days a week driving a Chrystler New Yorker! Maybe its time to consider trying to find a more economical car. Or maybe it's just high time the government pulls their heads out of their political rears and does something about the "gouge at the pump"!

Anyway, the house is coming along. We are trying to make some final decisions on paint colors and then we will start painting soon. Hopefully after we do that, have the carpets cleaned and replace some blinds we will be able to get rid of the stale smoke smell from the previous inhabitants. Neither of us are smokers and that smell is driving me insane (please, no offense to anyone who does smoke)! Does anyone have suggestions for eradicating such a smell?

My wife starts work this week and so starts the outrageous cost of child care. We found a lady who will charge us $15 per kid per day. That's 30 freakin' dollars a day! Which is $150 a week and $600 a month. I can't believe it! We're hoping my wife will get a different job she applied for that will have her working three 12 hour shifts. So our child care will only need to be 3 days a week instead of 5. That will certainly help with the cost. Not to mention she'll get to spend more time with the kids. We'll have to see how it works out.

Well, work starts is a few minutes - I'd better go. I will post some pics soon of the new laptop and other fun stuff. Bye for now!

We're Outta Here!!

Like promised, in blue in honor of my new laptop. (The printer shipped on the 2nd but no word yet on the laptop itself)

Anyway, "Today is the day, the sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are out.... THE TANK IS CLEAN!!" -Peach from Finding Nemo

We really are out of here though. Today is the day we are going up to sign the closing documents. Tomorrow morning after all the funds are transferred and the sell is recorded the house will be ours! So tonight we have to stay at my brother-in-law's house but tomorrow night we will be in our very own new house. We are so excited!!!

We will spend most of our time until the house is actually ours doing some shopping for the house. Today we are going in for the final walk-through and doing some measuring and color sampling so we can figure out what we want to do with stark white walls. (Color please!! Someone give me some color!!!!) I don't know if it's the scrapbooker in me or if its the design shows I've been watching all summer on HGTV but I've got to have some color in this house and I've got to have it soon! So as soon as the unpacking is done we are starting in on all of the walls in the house.

So the next time I post I will be posting from my new house and hopefully I will have some better pictures of the interior that I can share.

Bye for now!

Dude! You gotta get a Dell!


I've been hemming and hawing over buying one for a very long time. My wife always seems to come up with a reason why I should wait. This time when I brought it up she didn't fight back so I jumped on the opportunity. It took me a couple of days to research what I really wanted but I finally decided on the Dell 600m. I'm pleased.

They had a good deal on it but my final payment was still $200 more than the deal started at. After adding a warranty program, a snapcover and a surge protector. Then the darn tax and handling feel really made it shoot up! The shipping was free (saved myself $30)!

Anyway, I'm ecstatic and I'm going to be dying to see the UPS man in my new driveway next week. It doesn't even ship until the 11th (my anniversary) so I have a while to wait.

I hate waiting!!!

Anyway, here's some pics:

I got the Venice Blue snapcover. I've always liked that one!


In honor of my new Venice Blue Dell laptop, all of my posts will be written in blue until it shows up. Sorry if you hate it!

A few more pictures of the house

I just got these pictures from the realtor yesterday. I asked her to go back out to the house and measure the space for the fridge for me and while she was there to take some pics of the inside of the house. The pics are good but the info about the fridge space is not.

I guess the opening is 36" x 68". The fridge I was planning to buy is 35 5/8 " x 39 1/4". It is obviously too tall for my opening and I've been told that it will also be too tight on the width as well. Apparently you need an opening that is approximately one inch higher and wider than your fridge. I'm really bumbed now because I don't know what fridge to buy. My wife and I really wanted a side by side with a water and ice dispenser in the door. We found a really good one at Home Depot for only $699 but it's not going to fit. Every other fridge I've looked at that we like is the same size or larger. I don't know what to do. We could make some alterations to the opening but I'd feel more comfortable having a carpenter do that and I'm sure that would cost more money than I really have to spend on this whole fridge thing.

Oh well, here are the pics:

This is a really nice one of the outside. I like the blue skies better than the twilight skies in the pics I took of the outside.

This is a really nice one of the kitchen. It's a U-shaped kitchen with the dining space sitting in the opening of the U.

Here is the other side of the kitchen with the pantry and the opening for the fridge. It is plumbed for an ice maker - I just really hope we'll be able to find a fridge that will fit that has one!

This is part of the master bedroom. We are so excited to have a much bigger closet than we had in the last house. Our last closet was so small I had to keep some of my clother in the kids' closet. (and yes I said "I" not "she")

Here is the master bathroom. We are ecstatic to have our own bathroom! We are also very excited about the amout of storage and space in this bathroom compared to our last one - it was severely lacking both!

Here is the bathroom we will be using for the children. It is situated right between their two rooms. It only has the one vanity but it is plenty for them.

This is the family room/office. We will be using it for an office. It is the only room in the house with hardwood floors. We will be putting one or two table in it for my scrapbooking, the computer desk, some bookcases, a filing cabinet and either the futon or day bed so it can be used for a guest room as well. I'm quite sure it will be quickly cramped!

Unfortunately she didn't send me any pictures of the living room or the kids' rooms. I really wanted a picture of the living room but oh well huh?

So what do you think?

A dang treasure trove or something!

Today I would like to talk about a few cool things I have found recently.

Many of you know that Vanessa and I were headed to the Boise area on Monday and Tuesday to start looking for houses. I will spare you all the details about realtor problems, our other appointments in the middle of the search, and other things from the search that just aren't worth wasting your time with.

But here's a rough breakdown: Finally get out of here a little after 8:30, arrive at Boise about 11:15, phone calls forever, finally meet entirely new and different realtor at 1:00, search listings for an hour, see 2 houses (both definite NO!), have an appointment 1/2 hour away, realtor says "See you tomorrow", we think "Tomorrow's our last day and we've only seen 2 houses so far", decide later to call realtor back and see if she'll meet with us again, meet realtor again at 7:00, look at a few more houses (most of them not good), find one we really like but by now it's too late to contact the listing realtor, have to wait 'til tomorrow (think to myself, "It probably is already in the works for someone else), go to my brother-in-laws small apartment and sleep.

Next morning: wake up, get ready, leave apt., go to the absolute SLOWEST McDonald's I've ever been to for breakfast, finally decide to leave before I've even paid because it's taking so long and Vanessa has an appointment soon, drop Vanessa off at appointment, go to TOTALLY AWESOME scrapbook store, pick Vanessa up again and we're off to meet with the realtor again at 1:00, find out the one we liked the previous night is being sold already, only have a few hours to look but not pleased with what we're finding so far we decided to search again but increase our price range, have many more promising prospects, look at a few in town and find one that is a definite possibility, keep looking at the rest on our list, run out of houses in town so we start workin toward the next town outside of where we are, look at one that is VERY cute but a little high for us and still occupied (that would really slow down our quick move we need to make), look at the next house on the list, walk in and immediately feel like this is the one we want, finish looking at it and look at one more in the same subdivision just down the road, didn't like it as much so we decide to ditch the rest of our search and make an offer, offer finished at about 8:30 p.m., drive back to house for some pics and another walk around (couldn't go inside though), finally on the road at about 10:30 p.m., arrive back home at about 12:30 a.m., CRASH!

So that's the hunt and here's the house.

It's a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house with living and family rooms, a 2 car garage, and a dishwasher! We're very excited about the dishwasher. It was on the lower end of our new price range so it was closer to where we wanted it. It was one of the only ones we'd seen with the extra family room or something we could use for an office and other stuff. You don't know how many times I almost had to give up my own scrapbook space! This house will save me though! It's a newer home built in 2001. The only problems for us is that it's only one level and very minimal storage. So the 2 car garage will have one car parked in it and the other half will be storage. I still don't know how we'll fit it all!

It has a cute bay window and little covered front porch area. Hopefully soon the realtor will be sending me some pics of the inside - I was so excited about the house I forgot to get the camera and take some pics - dang it!

So that's that. We feel it was very productive for a very short and very busy 2 days. We are set to close on Friday, August 5. I start work the following Monday so it will be a VERY busy weekend!

There were some other pretty cool things I found during the trip as well. Granted, they were much more minor things but still pretty cool. During Vanessa's first appointment on Monday I went over to Michael's to try and buy a Coluzzle template that I need. They didn't have it but I found some other cool things. Many of you know that I am a foam stamp junkie! (By the way have you seen the new Heidi Swapp foam stamps? I LOVE THEM!) Anyway, I found some cute ones - not Heidi's by any means but cute. The alphies were $4.99, the words were $2.99, the large flower was 99 cents and the small one was 49 cents. If you like them too they are not located with scrapbook stuff or stamps. They are over with the stencils. Here they are.

On the second day while Vanessa was at her appt. I went to a scrapbook store to find some things I needed for a project I'm doing for her. They had some new lines of Chatterbox paper that I'd never seen before. I absolutely loved them! The ones I bought aren't exactly new but the one here is not one I've seen before and it's part of the "room" I'm already using on the project.

Yesterday morning when I went upstairs for breakfast I found two more cool things in the mail. I got this totally cool journal that I won from Donna Downey's blog.

It's even autographed!

I also found my very first tag from my tag of the month swap. This beautiful one is from Colleen. I think she did a great job with it. I'm trying to figure out where I'll use it though because we are nowhere near a beach and don't often get to one. I'll have to a little creative in how I use it.

So many cool things I found in the past couple of days it felt like a dang scavenger or treasure hunt or something!

Well my wife has been very cool while I update my blog here but my time limit is way up now! Gotta go!

p.s. Sorry it's not a very entertaining read but I'm not a very entertaining person.

Moving On...

Well, it has finally happened. My wife and I have both been offered jobs in the area we are looking to move to. Unfortunately, neither of the jobs are exactly what we'd hoped for but they are enough to get us up to the area and try to get settled.

Now the stress of finding and buying a house in a limited time is what we'll face next. I start my position on August 8 and she starts hers on August 16. That gives us 3 weeks from Monday to find, offer, buy and move into a house - crazy! But then again why should I expect any different lately? Isn't that about the exact same way things worked out when selling our house?

So we're going up to the area on Monday and Tuesday with our realtors to find us a place. It should prove to be a long, busy and probably emotion packed couple of days. I just really hope we'll be able to find something that will at least be suitable and comfortable for us. I'm so scared we're going to end up in something much smaller than the one we sold and be unhappy with it.

We have good realtors though and they are coming with us and then hooking us up with a friend of theirs in the area to also help - I'm confident in their abilities to find us something that will work for us.

I'm very scared that our financial situation will also prove stressful. In order for us to find something decent in this larger area we have to look in a higher price range than our last house which will make for a larger house payment. Unfortunately the jobs aren't paying much higher than the ones we had in Pocatello. I'm also quite nervous about childcare and how much that will run but I can't foresee being able to keep my wife home and not have to work on my income alone.

All the unknowns and variable just drive me nuts! I am very much the kind of guy who likes to have control of the situation and be able to make plans ahead of time. There's so much in this situation that we just can't figure out until we get there and I absolutely HATE that!

Oh well, such is life huh?

A Pretty Cool Find

I love it when I find a good deal!

My wife and I were recently shopping at JC Penny trying to find her a swimming suit. The search for that was unfruitful but I found a nice little deal as we were gettting ready to leave.

This nice little photocube was stacked with about 30 other identical nice little photocubes. I decided to stop and take a peak.

I liked the brown leather look and I liked that it had places for five photos. What I really liked though was that it was a multi-tasking decorative piece. It opens up!

I love things that function as more than meets the eye! I started thinking to myself, "This not only looks cool, has a place to display photos but its functional too! I think I could use one or two of these in my scrapbook space - I'm sure I could find somewhere to put it."

I thought yeah, that's great but at $4.99 - I'm not quite sure. So the absolute best part of the whole cube was discovered when I turned it over.

Not only does it look cool, not only does it display photos, not only is it functional, not only would it be great for my scrapbook space but it was reduced to 77 cents!!!!! That was the deal closer right there!

I started thinking "At this price they could possibly be good gifts for grandma's or something - I'll have to have more than 1 or 2 and I'm sure I'll find something to do with them." My dear wife sportingly agreed so we left with five of these little babies.

I tell you it took control not to buy more of them. So if you have a JC Penny anywhere near you go see if you can find these things.

I love a good deal!

The Weather Dude

Go ahead and criticize me or roll your eyes - I don't really care.

Yesterday the temp. in our area was hovering VERY near that 100 mark. When I checked my blog yesterday the very first thing I saw was the Weather Pixie. In my opinion she was not wearing enough to keep me comfortable. Knowing some of the people who check my blog to keep updated on what goes on in our lives - I knew they wouldn't be comfortable seeing such a thing and more importantly I wasn't really comfortable seeing her there like that either.

So the Weather Pixie is now the Weather Dude. Some may think it is a little wonky for a guy to have a guy over there who will change his clothes with the weather. But I submit that there are plenty of my blogger sisters who have a female on their blog and it isn't given a second thought. I don't yet know how much of his clothes he will shed either - I may have to change it later.

I even looked for some other kind of weather icon or something I could put there but had no luck. So if anyone knows of something else - please let me know.

So regardless of what anyone thinks, feels or says - no more weather pixie who looks a bit too much like a prostitute for my comfort!

Besides, it's my blog and I'll do whatever I want!

This makes me so happy!


For anyone who doesn't look at "the dashboard" or blogger home - they have finally made it so you can upload pictures to your blog without having to do it through another stinkin' site. Can I just say how happy that makes me??!!

I would get so ticked off at having to upload my pic to a site, then send it to my blog, then open the pic then write about it then upload another pic then send it to my blog then copy it and then paste it, yada.. yada.. yada...

I love it when things happen that make life easier for me!

And now I'm going to add a pic just because I darn well can!

Me and my kids on Father's Day.

Oh! And for anyone who hasn't read Colleen's blog entry on "the puppy saga" - you don't want to miss it! PMS or no PMS I have to say AMEN SISTER!

The rundown of our 4th

Old Glory
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

I figured I would post some pics of the 4th and a little of what we did.

Life really doesn't get too exciting in the podunk town of Rupert, Idaho - even for the 4th of July. Their fireworks show was on June 30th (don't ask me why). We watched from my in-laws' front yard. They have a good view but I couldn't get any pics of it.

We slept in way too late on the morning of the 4th and then made a big breakfast for the family. After getting ready we headed down to "Rupert Square" to watch a parade with the kids. It was nothing but fire trucks, horses, trucks, cars, motorcycles and a few cheerleaders. In my opinion it was about the most boring thing I ever sat through. I don't think Auryn liked it much either.

Auryn at parade
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

After the parade we came back home and Auryn played around on his bike for a while. He enjoys nothing more about being at grandma and grandpa's than to have much more space to ride his bike around.

Auryn's bike ride
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

After lunch Auryn had a nap (and so did daddy) while mommy and grandpa went to the store. Auryn must have had a little too much to drink before nap because he wet through his pullup. Thus the reason for different clothes halfway through the day. For dinner grandpa barbecued some burgers and we ate outside.

Auryn at BBQ
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

After dinner I set up a favorite family game. We call it ladder golf, or snake golf or horseshoe golf but there are literally hundreds of names I've heard it called. Auryn loves to play along and through his own set of balls. It makes a standard game go much slower but I have much less of a headache when its all said and done. (I don't know how well you can see this pic but I am scratching my eye - not picking my nose!)

Golf game
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

We played the game well into the night while we waited for the night to get dark enough to light off fireworks. Auryn was patient but anxious. He was so excited when we finally got started. There were some neighbors behind us that had what were obviously illegal fireworks but it made for a nice show for us to watch while we let off our own piddly little fountains and sparklers. Auryn absolutely loves sparklers!

Auryns Sparkler
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

Although they are only fountains and sparklers I think I was able to get some pretty decent and usable pics of fireworks.

Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

Through most of the day the little one just hung around and slept and played. She really was not very happy with most of the noisy fireworks and she had no trouble making it known. She had lots of fun earlier in the evening playing on a blanket with her mom and Aunt Shandra.

Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

All in all we had a pretty good day. It was a little more boring than I'm used to but it was nice to spend it with family. My little American Kid certainly enjoyed himself though!

American Kid
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

Thanks for reading about our day. I sure hope everyone else had a good and safe day as well.

Officially Homeless

homeless: adj. "Having no home or permanent place of residence"

Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

So it is official now. I am officially homeless. We spent the night in the house Sunday night on air mattresses and then spent all day Monday doing the last bit of cleaning that needed to be done. At 3:00 we signed all of the papers and officially turned over the house. I must say for someone as emotional as I tend to be it was a bit difficult to stop and look around the empty house for the very last time.

After we finished some other errands we went over to a friend's house for a little visit. She had planned a going away party for us and had several people come over to chat with us and say good-bye. It was a very nice thing to do. For the most part it wasn't too difficult to say goodbye to everyone. The real difficult part was when it was time for us to leave. Everyone else had gone and it was just us and this couple who threw the party. They have been more like a brother and sister to us than just friends and after all the emotions of the day it was impossible for any of the four of us to hold it back any longer.

Anyway, it was an emotional day to say the least. Now the real fun of "nose-to-the-grindstone" job hunting begins. Wish me luck!

Reading makes me happy...

I thought it was about time that I actually took a second to update my blog. It's been WAY too long.

Life has been CRAZY the past few days again. We have just been going gangbusters on getting this house packed. All we have left is our room, the kids' room and the linen closet with a few little odds and ends here and there. We pick up and pack up the moving truck on Thursday. A majority of all our belongings will sit in a storage unit until we have a house to move to. The vital stuff will all be coming with us to the in-laws house. For anyone who might be wondering my scrapbook stuff is of course included in that "vital" stuff. My dear wife didn't even put up a fight with me on that one. I think she understands for me to maintain my sanity over the next month or two I MUST have a place to escape to. Only two boxes of stuff that I don't use often are going to storage - everything else comes with me!

I hate this stage of moving though. All my walls are bare and I'm surrounded by boxes. I've never felt so empty and crowded all at the same time - it sucks!
(Not to mention my little obsessive-compulsive need to have things straightened, cleaned and organized - yeah I'm going a little crazy!)

My poor sweet little boy. This has been hard on him I'm sure. Mom and dad don't have time to play because we have so much to do. I don't think he realized that we're never coming back to this house - he thinks we're going on a trip to see grandma and grandpa. The real horror will strike tomorrow when he and mom start packing his room and boxing up his toys - I"m soo glad I won't be here for that!!

In the midst of all the insanity around here I try to snag a few seconds here and there to catch up on the posts at the ssmb and read my favorite blogs. I must say that just reading the fun and witty things that are posted at Kenny's, Colleen's, Lindsay's, Cathy's and Donna's blogs just make me happy.

Everyone can use a little comic relief in their life.
Well, my wife just reminded me that we are still in fact quite busy and my bedtime has come and gone. What would I do without her?

Something Refreshingly Different

Because it seems like all I do is post about the boring and hectic moments of my life I decided to take a little break from the mundane. I'm not much of a creative writer and I'm certainly not very funny so I will take the easy way out for this post and use a formula I found at Colleen's blog. Here goes:

A is for age - just turned 27 in May.

B is for booze - none I don't drink at all.

C is for career - Right now I'm an Educational Interpreter for the Deaf. Going back to school this fall to change my career and eventually become a closed captioner.

D is for dad's name - Floyd. My children will never be named after my father.

E is for essential item to bring to a party - generally games of some sort. I don't ever go to wild parties, they tend to just be small get togethers with friends and we always play games.

F is for favorite songs at the moment - I really don't know, there's so much music I love!

G is for goof off thing to do - Read blogs, write in my blog, read mb's, play on the internet. I RARELY watch TV anymore because when I have free time I have so much to do on the internet.

H is for hometown - Pocatello, Idaho. Born in Utah but I've lived in Pocatello for most of my life.

I is for instrument you play - NONE! I attempted the clarinet in school but it quickly became obvious that I am not musically inclined!

J is for jam or jelly you like - there's this one we can occassionally find around here that is a 3 berry blend - I really like that one.

K is for kids - two, Auryn who just turned 3 and Nyah who is almost 3 months.

L is for living arrangement - married almost 5 years

M is for mom's name - Kathleen (now my daughter's middle name)

N is for names of best friends - Jeff (my all time, life-long, will-always-be, best friend of 14 yrs. now) Aaron and Jason are two other really great friends whom I love. And of course, my eternal best friend - my wife!

O is for overnight hospital stays - twice. Once after a nose surgery - only one night. The other time was after I was life-flighted to a major hospital because I was told I was dying and needed a life saving operation. After two nights in the hospital and many more tests I went home with a simple prescription.

P is for phobias - spiders. I hate those things with a blind, passionate hatred!

Q is for quote you like - "Don't walk in front of me - I may not follow, Don't walk behind me - I may not lead, Just walk beside me and be my friend."

R is for relationship that lasted the longest - My marriage to my wife of almost 5 years. I didn't really have many serious ones before that.

S is for siblings - one brother, Sam.

T is for Texas, ever been? - No. Not much of a driving desire either. If occasion rises I will go.

U is for unique trait - a male scrapbooker - what else is there to say?

V is for vegetable you love - not many. I guess corn is on the top of the list.

W is for worst traits - my wife hates how picky of an eater I am. I'm also very bold and straightforward and can sometimes hurt people's feelings without thinking. (My poor wife)

X is for X-rays you've had - more than I can count. I have regular chest x-rays and I've also had several MRI's and a CAT scan. I've had various ones on different bones in my body as well.

Y is for yummy food you make - I don't make yummy foods. (My poor wife)

Z is for zodiac sign - Taurus

I know that whole thing is kind of boring but it's either that or me doing some more ranting about moving and expensive cars (which by the way is still making the same noise I paid $1300 to have fixed.)

Good day!

The Expensive Car

'94 Chrysler New Yorker
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

This blue beauty has now become affectionately known as the "expensive car". That's the only thing my son calls it now. Here's why:

We got the car on Tuesday and my father-in-law told us there was some noise going on with the power steering and it was leaking a bit. He figured it would stop after all the seals and everything had time to get lubed up and whatnot (the car had been sitting for about a year). Well I drove it a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday for work. Wednesday evening we piled the whole fam in for a trip to Walmart. About half way there we notice a really bad sound going on with the steering. We decide we had better have it looked at instead of just waiting for it to get better.

So my wife takes it to the shop on Thursday. They look it over and say that there is definitely a leak on the passenger side of the power steering line. He said they may be able to just fix the leak but if not they would have to replace the whole rack and pinion steering. You guessed it - the whole thing had to be replaced. So after having them fix the rack and pinion, the thermostat, and the littly hydraulic things that hold the hood up (that stuff was all broken too) the total came to a nice, pleasant $1,000.00-ish. I about DIED! We had no choice - it was already done so it had to be paid. Thank goodness for a credit card in a situation like that. Did I mention that the parts only came to a little over $400 - the rest was labor!

So we go pick it up and pay for it. The wife takes the baby home and I take my son to go get lunch for all of us - hey we already spent 1,000 bucks today what's a few more? After we pick up the food and head home I start hearing the exact same awful noise. I was ticked! As soon as I finished my lunch I took it right back to that shop and made it very clear (my kind way of saying I was quite p.o.'d) that they had not fixed what we asked them to fix. The mechanic comes out to look at it and moves the steering wheel from left to right - "I don't hear any sound - I don't know what you guys are talking about" (This is about the point I get real close to losing my temper and start spouting some not so nice things). I kept myself in check and kindly told the mechanic to get in the car and we would take a drive so he could hear what I was talking about. Five minutes later my point had been quite well proven and he had a big fat ostrich egg on his face! So we go back to the shop so he can look it over.

After several minutes I'm fed up with waiting and ask someone to go find out what is going on. I am informed that it is now the power steering pump that is the problem and was the reason for the noise. WHAT???? Why was that not noticed and taken care of before?? This is the point where I lost my temper. I had just paid these bozos $1,000 and they couldn't catch this. Their excuse was that the seals had been so broken and chewed up that they damaged the pump when they were flushed through. I told them I was very unhappy that they didn't fix the problem. The mechanic was very adamant that they had fixed something that was broken and needed replacing. Long story short, he gave me a deal on the pump and replaced a couple other things for free.

So this car that until Saturday morning had sat in the shop more than in my driveway has now cost me a pretty $1,300!!!! Thus the title, "the expensive car"

I hate cars!!

Sorry for such negative news - I have to vent somewhere. It had darn well better not give me anymore problems now.

Like drinking from a fire hose...

I feel like my entire life has suddenly become a situation that is much like taking a drink of water from a fire hose. Here's why.

We have made the commitment to go ahead and move to Boise so we told our realtor to go ahead and publish the house in a local home seller's magazine and put it in the MLS. Well apparently she got the house in the MLS on Monday night. The calls started rolling in on Tuesday around 11:00 a.m.

By 3:00 p.m. we had received approximately 10 calls to show the house and had 5 appointments for Tuesday alone starting at 5:00. Just as we were getting ready to leave the house for a few hours so it could be shown we called our realtor to ask a question. She told us we might as well come up to her house because she had just received an offer on the house and we needed to discuss it. The official "For Sale" sign had only been in the yard for a little over an hour!

So we went up to the realtor's house. We found out that the guy who was making the offer is another realtor in town who also has many other properties he owns and manages. He was offering on the house and hadn't even seen it yet. I guess he was going on faith that it would be comparable to other homes he knew in the area. To make sure he came in strong and had precedence over others, he offered $1100 more than we were asking. His offer had a few things in it we didn't like when we read over it. While we were reading and discussing his offer another one came in! After figuring it all out the two offers came out to be within a couple of hundred dollars of cash we would walk away with. Because the first offer was from a realtor and had a strong a reliable lender we decided to keep working with that one. By 8:00 p.m. we had countered his offer, he accepted and I signed the papers!

The closing will be on June 27. That gives me almost 4 weeks to find a job, find a house, pack and move! We can't buy a house in Boise until we have a job because no one will pre approve us for a loan. We haven't had a whole lot of luck yet finding jobs so we're kind of in a bind. So now it looks like we will be packing, moving everything we don't REALLY need into storage in Boise and moving in with my in-laws until we can find a job and a house in Boise. They live an hour from us and about 2 hours from Boise (about right in the middle). My in-laws are great, they have plenty of room but I am certainly not excited about living in limbo!

On top of all the realtor calls around 2:30-3:00 my in-laws showed up at the house with a little "gift". They were delivering my wife's grandpa's car. We were originally hoping that he would give us the car (there had been talk of that) but it didn't happen. I guess he still wanted money out of it or something. So my incredibly gracious father-in-law bought the car from him and gave it to us. We are on the agreement that the car will be paid back "sometime". He has told us to not even worry about it until we get to Boise, get settled and figure out if we can start paying a monthly payment on it. At any rate, it's an interest free loan! The whole situation is more than we could have possibly hoped for. I love my in-laws!

'94 Chrysler New Yorker
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

The car is a '94 Chrysler New Yorker. It only has 56,000 miles on it and is incrdible condition! It's certainly bigger but MUCH nicer than my Geo. The wreck was certainly unfortunate and came at a bad time but I think we walked out of it in better shape than we were before!

We have been truly blessed and I must offer praise to God for it!

"...with God all things are possible." Matt. 19:26

Here's the damage...

So I figured I would post some pics here to display the amount of damage done to my little "tin can". I was able to sell it to a mechanic for $225. Just enough to pay for the tow, storage and ticket with a wee bit left. Enjoy the carnage!

Geo Side View
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

Geo Front View
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

Geo Total Carnage
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

Geo Closeup
Originally uploaded by Scrappindad.

The Rolling Memorial

I don't know how many of you have seen this. I got an email about this truck that is called "The Rolling Memorial". Instead of trying to post all of the pictures from it in my blog I figured I would just find a link and give that to you.

Check it out. I think it is so cool to see someone do something like this to truly honor those who died and not have it all wrapped up in politics and bureaucracy. He seems to simply be doing this to honor those who perished.

I have not been paid at all to endorse this site or the individual. Enjoy!

"Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed - else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die."
~Dwight D. Eisenhower

Catching up...

So it has been an incredibly busy week!! We have made the firm decision that we ARE moving to Boise this summer. Now there is so much that we have to do to get ourselves and the house ready.

Here's a recap of my busy week.

Monday: Went to Walmart after work. When we got back from Walmart there was a message from our realtor asking if we would be okay to show the house on Tuesday afternoon. The house isn't even on the market yet! So we had to stay up until midnight cleaning and preparing the house. I guess our realtor emailed other realtors just to let them know what was coming up. Apparently some of them had clients looking for what we're selling. CRAZY!

Tuesday: Had to work that night at the store - pretty uneventful. The biggest and coolest thing was the salute from Donna on her blog.

Wednesday: Taught my class that evening at the store. It went well but we went about an hour over the time I had alotted. It was fun though. When I got home I found out that my poor son had had a nosebleed earlier in the evening. This was no common nosebleed. It bled strong and steady for a half hour. My wife got it cleared up and he was okay. We put him to bed and then about midnight (right after we finally got our daughter to sleep) he woke up screaming something about water. When I went in he had blood all over his face and bed. Another serious bleeder lasting at least half an hour! He was so upset that he didn't really want to go back to sleep. I told my wife to back to bed and I stayed up with him. After finally getting him back to sleep I went to bed. He woke up again at 3:00 and I had to sleep in his room on the floor to keep him settled down. Poor little guy!

Thursday: Took the day off of work because I was so tired and I figured we'd have to take my son to the doctor. The nose pretty much stopped bleeding so we didn't go to the doctor. My mom spent the day with me helping me take care of the kids. I had a doctor appointment in the afternoon. After the appointment, on the way home, I hit another car with my little Geo and pretty much destroyed the little sucker! I'm really kind of upset over the whole thing because we certainly can't afford the problems associated with a car accident and no car in the middle of trying to move the family to another city. I could fix the car but it would cost more than the car is worth. Nerves were shot the rest of the day! Watched the Apprentice finale and was shocked to see Trump pick Kendra over Tana. Tana really screwed herself with the last task!

Friday: Because of all the blood now clotting in my son's nose the mucus can't come out of it so it is making its way out of his eyes. Poor guy woke up with his eyes sealed shut. Still steaming at myself over the car and trying to figure out what we're going to do. Mowed the lawn after work and only got finished in the nick of time before a HUGE thunderstorm hit. Didn't have time to clean up all the grass and other stuff. Spent the rest of the evening preparing the house to be shown again on Saturday and cutting paper for my class on Saturday.

Saturday: Spent the whole morning cleaning up the yard and trying to stay out of the way as the house was shown not once (like we had expected) but twice! Finally finished the yard and then had to finish preparing everything for my class. Got that done just in enough time to get to the store and set up. The class was great! One of my students from Wednesday night took her project to work the next day and three of her co-workers took my Saturday class. They were totally beginner scrapbookers so it was a lot of fun! I really did enjoy it! My wife talked to her parents and told them about the accident. My mother-in-law told us that my wife's grandpa is planning to get rid of his car because he's too old to drive anymore. He was planning to give it to a dealership and let them sell it (he doesn't care about the money). My in-laws are going to see if he will just give it to us instead - that would be so nice!

Sunday: After doing some church related things I spent the whole day with my family. I made two "Thank You" cards and one generic card so I felt really productive after that.

Now here we are on Monday. I hope this week goes better.

Remember this quote from a previous post?? I'm trying really hard to keep it in mind!

"Under the storm and the cloud today,and today the hard peril and pain - tomorrow the stone shall be rolled away, for the sunshine shall follow the rain."
-Joaquin Miller (1839-1913) American Poet

I'm on cloud nine!

So I'm feeling pretty special since yesterday afternoon. Here's the story:

While reading Donna Downey's blog I saw a post where she directly referred to a male scrapper friend of mine, Kenny. I thought that was pretty cool so I went over to the message board we are a part of and made a post saying this:

"So Donna Downey specifically addresses Kenny in her salutation to her most recent blog post. Just how does this guy rate so high on the celeb "rubbing elbows" list??

I guess I'm going to have to start posting to their blogs too so they realize there's more than one male scrapper in this world!Congrats Kenny! Donna must know and love you to salute you in a blog!

Enjoy your fame but don't forget the little people!"

Well, much to my surprise Donna actually read that post on the message board and replied by saying this:

"oh crap!!

who knew their was so much testosterone around here. Well Jason, i didn't even know that you were reading my blog....and yeah ya better post LOL!!!!

so how can i make this up to you.....hmmmm (thinking, thinking...)

read the blog tomorrow to find out!


Well, when I went to read the blog yesterday this is what I saw: (The text has been removed and replaced with an encouragement to look at Donna's blog)

The text though is not the important part. She specifically said "hi" to me in the banner of her blog. I have no idea how many people saw that yesterday but I did. AND I LOVED IT!!!!

The picture is still there but she has now removed the "hi jason". I'm glad I was able to "capture" the image for proof that it really did happen. (Thanks "Hello")

All I have to say is:


Advice from Ali Edwards...

DISCLAIMER: I hope I am in no way committing copyright infringement in doing this or upsetting anyone either.

I was reading on Cathy Zielskie's blog this morning about her "Art Journal Challenge". I went to leave a comment and came across these words from Ali Edwards:

" is what I have to say to you my dear friend...MAKE IT YOUR OWN. Embrace those lines and make it how YOU want rules. No judging. You rock at what YOU do that."

I absolutely needed that advice for myself. Working in a scrapbook store where I see sooo many fabulous pages and GREAT work I often get caught up in the "man I wish I could do that" frame of mind. I spend too much time wishing I could do work that doesn't come naturally to me or be the scrapper that I'm not.

So here I am committing to myself that I will "make it my own" and not try to be something I'm not. I also commit to not scrap for the intention of being recognized or published. I will still submit if something fits but that can not and will not be my goal for scrapping. If along the way recognition or publication happens - then so be it. If not, then I will be happy with the "art" that I have created and the legacy I will leave.

I promise.

27 Candles....

So here I am 27! My dear wife knows I don't like traditional cake and ice cream so she bought me a cheesecake instead. It was VERY good!

Big windbag!

Here I am with my beautiful daughter in my arms as I blow out my 27 candles.

The day was pretty typical and uneventful. I usually don't like to make much out of my birthdays anyway. I had to work all day at the school district and then I just spent the evening with my family. We attempted to watch "National Treasure" which my mom had bought me. It didn't work so well with kids baths and other stuff we had to get done.

My wife bought me a new shirt, some dress slacks, a Monopoly game for my collection and a jump drive. I didn't get anything scrapbook related which kind of surprised me but I'm okay with it. My jump drive will certainly be used for scrapbooking often enough.

The day was very nice. Thank you to all you dear friends who send kind wishes!

"Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things." ~Author Unknown

Some interesting birthday stuff...

You Will Die at Age 76


You're pretty average when it comes to how you live...

And how you'll die as well.

I'm pretty certain I'll be dead before 76. I'm a constant worrier and this quiz aked nothing about pre-existing medical conditions. Unless I have a major operation sometime in my life the life expectancy for those with my condition is not past 70.

You Are 23 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

So 23 huh?? I guess it's nice to know that I'm a little younger at heart than I am on the face!

Your True Birth Month Is January




Easily jealous

Loves children

Rather reserved

Highly attentive

Likes to criticize

Needs close friends

Ambitious and serious

Smart, neat and organized

Hardworking and productive

Loves to teach and be taught

Quiet unless excited or tensed

Sensitive and has deep thoughts

Knows how to make others happy

Searches for the greatest romance

Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds

Romantic but has difficulties expressing love

Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses

So then why did God decide on May?? I was actually due on April 14th. I was almost a full month late! This January description certainly seems to fit me though. I wonder what the description is for May??

You are 73% Taurus

So I thought I would be closer than that to my actual Zodiac sign. Most of the questions seemed to fit my personality. I answered a lot more trues than falses.

So there's some interesting facts about me and things that relate to my birthday.

Another year older...

Do I look 27?

My birthday is tomorrow and as I stood looking in a full length mirror today I thought to myself "Do I really look like I'm 27?" For so long in my life people have always thought that I am older than my actual age. I often feel like I don't even look close to my age. (I certainly feel my age though). My wife's brother is only two months older than I am and I always have a difficult time remembering that we're so close. He looks and seems so much older than me. I certainly don't mind my age and I'm not complaining about being 27. I just find it difficult to believe that I actually am. So often I still feel like I look like the gangly and lanky kid I was in high school. Even though I weigh considerably more now than I did when I was in high school it's just hard for me to get that mental image of myself to change to something older and different. It's certainly been interesting for me to reflect on my feelings about this recently.

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip."
~Author Unknown

Just a thought...

p.s. Sorry for the bad picture you have to look at but I wanted something that was VERY recent so I did remote shot with my digi cam.